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Classic Hardcore TOP NA pushing <COZY> [A]

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Realm: NA East

Server: PvP

Who Are We?
<COZY> is a hardcore PvE and PvP guild. Our core has thousands of hours of combined vanilla experience both in actual Vanilla and on Private Servers. We have a solid foundation established, but due to the attrition of Classic WoW, we will continue to recruit throughout the life of the game.

What Are Our Expectations and Goals?
<COZY> is motivated to become one of the most competitive guilds in NA. In light of this, we have significant expectations of trials who hope to become core raiders. All raid positions are merit based.

PvE Goals
Max Level within two weeks on first character.
Two Level 60s for split runs by Phase 2, and 3 by Phase 5
Warlock summoning alt
Full world buffs and consumes for raids
PTR testing before launch and before major raid releases
Profession requirements (for example, 300 engi for most main raiders)
Assisting world resource control

PvP Goals
We can’t necessarily mandate a PvP ranking requirement. We will, however, be strongly encouraging ranking, and the guild will divert a significant amount of resources and effort to PvP. This means coordinating PvP brackets, forming guild premades, and forming world PvP groups to farm honor (specifically within phase 2).

Overall Goals
Server first raid clear in each tier
Competitive speed clear times for guild ranking
Improve each week

Class Needs
All Classes welcome, but healers in demand.

Raid Schedule and Times

Officer Core
GM/Tank Officer: Saevicus#1156
Healing Officer: Blaze#0084
Caster Officer: Frothy#0712
Melee Officer: ColeWorld#9729
HR Officer: Gwynoff#0542



Don’t hesitate to contact one of the listed officers, join the discord, and fill out an application!

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