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Recruiting Hearthstone Writer

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We're looking for a dedicated writer to cover Hearthstone on our site and here's how you can apply.

We are thrilled to announce that we are looking for some fresh blood to enter our growing team behind the scenes of Icy Veins! This time, we're looking for a Hearthstone writer who will be of course working from home and communicate with the team through Discord.


  • News reporting (reposting Blizzard announcements, including, but not limited to patch notes, content patches, interviews, community news, esports).
  • Editorial pieces (own thoughts about the state of the game, upcoming feature, game updates).
  • Contributing to a few decks, maintaining a Tier List, helping with expansion guides.


  • Have strong command of the English language (native speakers are preferred, but not required).
  • Have strong proficiency with Hearthstone.
  • Be able to express your thoughts in a concise, coherent, and engaging manner.
  • Be able to put out a steady flow of content.
  • Be at least 18 years of age.


  • This is a paid position, with the amount earned by the writer being a share of the amount generated by the news and guides they write. More details about this will be available throughout the recruitment process.


E-mail us at jobs@icy-veins.com in order to apply. There is no strict format for applying, so simply try to impress us and remember that we treat all e-mail communication with you as your application. The top choice(s) will be interviewed. There is currently no deadline for applications.

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      Today is the 10th anniversary of Icy Veins. We launched the site on the 21st of March 2011. What a journey it's been! To mark the occasion, we're organizing a huge giveaway with tons of really cool prizes. From extremely rare mounts to US and EU Mythic Nathria runs or epic Blizzard store items and more, there's a lot to win if you celebrate with us. It will run until the 28th of March.
      How Can I Enter?
      To enter the giveaway, please head to the Gleam page we created and follow the instructions. The main action (worth 3 entries) is to retweet the tweet announcement for the giveaway. You can increase your chances to win by completing the other possible actions (follow/like us and our partners on social media and join our Discord servers).
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      What Prizes Can I Win?
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      Transformer Beacon Sprite Darter Transmog Steamscale Incinerator Enchanted Fey Dragon Dreadwake Cap'n Crackers Argi Lil KT Blossoming Ancient Alabaster Mount Dottie Brightpaw Echo's Own Giveaway
      Echo and Magicuz are running a separate giveaway on Twitter, with an extra chance to win a full clear of Mythic Castle Nathria.
      What Are The Rules?
      The giveaway starts the moment this post goes live. The giveaway ends on the 28th of March at 23:59 Pacific Time. You will no longer be able to enter after that. Anyone can enter. When entering the giveaway, you region will be inferred from your location. We will contact winners after drawing them to confirm it. If you win, we will contact you by email. You have 48 hours to reply, before we pick a different winner. If you win #1 prize in EU, you will need to share personal information so we can purchase the items for you on the Blizzard Gear Store and send them to you (the US store has a gift card option, but it appears that the EU one does not). The Castle Nathria Mythic runs are on the Horde side. We will cover faction/server transfer costs for Alliance player to do the booster run and then go back to their former server/faction. A Message From Vlad and Myself
      Finally, Vlad and I want express our most sincere thanks to all of the users who have made the growth and continued existence of Icy Veins a possibility. Meeting readers at our very first BlizzCon and at Gamescom and seeing the positive messages from people who have been helped by our content over the years has always motivated us to work hard to ensure that our content is constantly evolving to new heights, both in terms of accuracy and usability, and the warmth of the community always helps to push us forward.
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