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[US-Arthas][H] <Static> [14/14H] US 35th 25man Recruiting for WoD

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Ketsuki: Vicious#1889

Kiraja: Lissle#1720


Progression and Ranks



14/14H US 35th H: Garrosh Hellscream


Previous Tiers:

T15: 13/13H US 27th H:Lei Shen

T14: 16/16H Sha of Fear US #46th


Streams and Kill Videos:


Brutall: Twitch Youtube


Ketsuki: Twitch


Starlyne: Twitch


Guild Outline

Our goal in Static is to quickly and efficiently progress through 25-man HEROIC content without sacrificing our personal responsibilities and goals outside of the game. In order to do this, we adhere to a strict set of principles to guarantee our long term success. Mutual respect among our raiders ensures a healthy climate and fun environment. It is the foundation of our success. We are dedicated to PvE Raid progression above all else. While many of our members enjoy other games in addition to Wow, PvE raiding always comes first. With that said, all of our policies and rules are based on this goal alone. 


Performance and Teamwork are paramount. No one in Static has the RIGHT to raid. Your play time will be determined by the needs of the encounter and your Performance, Attendance, and Attitude. Our members understand that it takes hard work to raid at a competitive level and that preparing for a raid isn't always fun, but is absolutely necessary. In Static, we recognize that the single biggest factor in determining the quality of a raider is the effort they're willing to put in. The effort put in by individuals directly translates into our overall success.


Raid Schedule

We raid Wednesday, Thursday, and Monday from 8:30pm - 12:30am Eastern. We may require you to go until 12:45am some nights, depending on what we are working on. We have no desire to raid more than three nights a week. We need people who are able to commit to almost 100% of our raids. We respect and understand that everyone has a real life, but plan accordingly. 


Monday - 8:30pm-12:30am

Wednesday - 8:30pm-12:30am

Thursday - 8:30pm - 12:30am


All "off" nights can be used to run alt raids, PvP, etc. We encourage you to play with your guild mates as often as possible, and to participate frequently when you are able to.


We are absolutely in need of intelligent, capable, fire-dodging raiders, including but not limited to:


Death Knight: Unholy/Frost - Low

Druid: Balance - Low

Druid: Feral - Low

Paladin: Holy - Medium

Paladin: Retribution - Low

Priest: Disc/Holy - Medium

Priest: Shadow - Medium

Rogue: - Low

Shaman: Enhancement - Low

Shaman: Elemental - Low

Warlock - HIGH!

Warrior: Fury - Low


Keep in mind that we're recruiting just about everything for WoD, but the classes above are preferred.


We are ALWAYS searching for bigger and better players. We believe that stiff competition among other raiders is the pathway to excellence. If you perform a role better than one of our current members, and you want to prove it, we will give you that opportunity. If you are a better player, you WILL receive their raid spot.


That is our commitment to efficiency and the core reason we are able to get as much done in a single day then most guilds struggle to do in an entire week.


Recruit Requirements

Your recruitment could last two to four weeks. We expect nearly 100% attendance during this period. You may be asked to sit during the recruitment period. You are required to come to a raid prepared with all consumables, including but not limited to flasks, foods, and potions. Please show up for the raid 5-10 minutes prior to invites. All recruits are eligible to receive loot during this period only after a Statican has passed on said loot.


Loot Distribution

We use a Loot Council, headed by Brutall our GM, to award loot based on attendance, performance, attitude, and so on. For those who worry about favoritism, just relax. If favoritism were an issue, then the guild would crumble, and that's not what anyone wants to happen. On pieces of gear that multiple classes/specs can use, we seek input from the raid. Decisions aren't made blindly. We play fair, and we expect you to do the same.


We want EVERYONE who thinks they can raid with us to apply. If you are AWESOME at your class/spec, we WON'T turn you away! We will consider ALL applicants and we highly encourage you to fill out an application if you think you can handle heroic content. We can't emphasize this enough!


We are however VERY demanding on our applicants, and will not even bother to look at you unless you can truthfully handle raiding HEROIC content. We do not coddle the weak, everyone puts as much effort into our kills as they get out of it.


I assure you, the best thing you can do is visit our website and review the FAQ section of our forum. Everything you could possibly want to know about us is located there.


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I'll try not to, Paloro. We're still looking for the classes listed above, as well as anyone that feels they can play their class at an exceptional level.

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As always, we're still in need of exceptional players of every role during our SoO farm and for WoD in the future. In particular, we need some more Warlocks to do their Warlock-y stuff!

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Static is still in need of exceptional players of every role for WoD and our SoO clears! Apply today www.staticraid.com, and you could be raiding with us by this Wednesday!

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Static is still actively recruiting players. In particular, we are in need of a Priest that can play both Holy and Disc. As always, we're still recruiting anyone and everyone that feels they can play their class at an exceptional level.

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