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<Region> Oceanic New Zealand and Australia (Leadership Are Kiwis)

<Analysis> Alliance {OCE} GMT+12

<Server> PVP Arugal Server 

<PVE> - Semi Hard Core PVE We aim for a  fun raid environment with lots of banter but we expect you to be prepared and skilled to get into the main raid group. Trying for Week 2 RAG KILL!!! 

<PVP> We want to do plenty of World and Instanced PVP From Owning STV to Wiping Horde MC raids!. We are Also recruiting Premade Raid Leaders to help organise and run these. Got to use that Epic Loot for Killing Horde right! We have a few pushing Grand Marshal 

<Raid Times> <NZ>  Timed raiding guild 7-10.30 pm New Zealand time Wed/Thursday optional Sunday for farm(Way Down The track). This is so Raiding can be done and then everyone can switch to PVP/Farming specs for the rest of the Week. 
<Australian Time>   5-8.30pm AEST  Wed/Thursday good for Aussies that get home early or Work Nights. 

We will Also be raiding with another allied NZ guild there Raid times  7.30pm to 10.30pm NZT, Friday/Saturday to gear up our alts and share resources. Guild Alliances are important to us. (Drunken Weekend raids FTW)

Loot will be a mixture of loot council with monitoring system.

We expect all members to play fair and well with all players on the server and not be a troll or ninja you will be kicked, guild reputation meant something in Classic and must be maintained.

Link to our Discord here let me know if interested and post a welcome msg https://discord.gg/gvqBurB

Also NSFW guild with brutal jokes and such just don't be a *filtered*.18+ ONLY!

Some of us going for week 1 lvl 60! So a Mixture of Very Hard core players semi hardcore and casuals Who Both PVP and PVE.


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