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[CLASSIC] [EU] [Mograine] [PvP] [Horde] <DOOM>

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<DOOM> EU-Mograine PvP Horde
Currently farming MC [10/10] Ony [1/1] independently.

Feeling alone in the world? Living in your mom’s basement bored out of your mind due to the current state of retail WoW? If you’ve gotten this far at least you have the ability to read and the attention span of a 5-year old, so please continue… at your own risk.

About us:
We are a dedicated core of WoW veterans with vast experience ranging over all the expansions competing within the top 30-100 world bracket. Our main goal is to form a community filled with like-minded individuals focused mainly on the social aspect of our guild, forming friendships that will not only exist during raid nights or grind intervals, but will span a lifetime. We will strive to meet this social atmosphere while maintaining a professional approach to our gaming. All this while aiming to clear and tackle content at a competitive level without the unnecessary drama that can follow high-end raiding guilds due to corrupt and/or incompetent officer/leadership teams.

That being said if you are looking for a place to truly call home and build lasting relationships with that doesn’t revolve around short-sighted goals for self-centred reasons then look no further, DOOM doesn’t discriminate (well not seriously at least). We are now in the process of bolstering our roster with people who possess a good sense of humour, patience, dedication and skill.

So again if you are still reading at this point, I believe you already have 3 out of 4 of the qualities we are looking for so feel free to click on the link below to get in contact with us as soon as possible, so we can start the application process.

Guild Website+Discord:

What we are looking for from our members:

  • Experienced and competitive players who are committed to delivering as much as they possibly can to their characters/classes/roles.
  • Players who understand and accept that their performance, attendance and attitude directly reflects not only on their, but also the guild’s progression.
  • Even though a good sense of humour will be paramount, we will not tolerate any toxicity or unnecessary drama.
  • Fun loving people who are willing to not only take part within, but also help build and progress our community.

What we expect from our raiders:

  • A good sense of humour, patience, dedication and skill.
  • A good understanding of raid mechanics and the intricacies of each encounter.
  • We are min-maxers at heart and any competent raider will agree that consumables are mandatory, abusing them is a must especially during progress.
  • Within the realm of sensible retardation have a mature and respectful attitude, as mentioned above a sense of humour will be paramount.
  • Raider status does not guarantee raid spots. Like in any competitive community, they will be earned. So manage your expectations according to your overall effort/contribution and performance.
  • Arguably the most important asset will be the player’s activity.

What we have to offer:

  • An opportunity to clear all the raids and content that classic has to offer.
  • Mature and experienced guild management.
  • An eccentric raiding environment/atmosphere led by players with years of experience.
  • A truly unique community that offers new friendships that will hopefully last a lifetime.
  • A hardcore yet liberating raiding schedule.
  • An objective and fair loot council prioritizing guild progression and dedication.
  • Realm and economy dominance.
  • Planned speed runs for content on farm.
  • Organized and efficient premade PvP ranking.

Raiding schedule:

  • We intend to raid 4 days consecutively to save gold on respecs for our PvP aspirations and to offer more freedom to our members.
    During the first week of progression we will initially raid 3 days and then 4 days in a row every 2 weeks, from 19:00-23:00 server time.

Below is an example of how it may look:

Reset 1 (Week 1)

Reset 2 (Week 3):

Reset 3 (Week 3)

Reset 4 (Week 5):

Reset 5 (Week 5):

On a lighter note:

  • No matter the circumstances of your interest in our community, we will always welcome hearing from you.
  • We realize that sometimes life takes an unexpected turn, so if a real life emergency arises just make sure to let us know before vanishing off the face of the earth.
  • You are free to pursue the hybrid dream, but we don’t accommodate them in our raids. You will be treated like a second class citizen within DOOM, so embrace the meme.

Interested in more responsibility/leadership?
If you are a veteran of the game like we are with years of high-end/endgame experience, make an extra effort to get in contact with us, so we can get you onboard as soon as possible.

This is a competitive community so if you consider yourself a casual or your performance is subpar this is not the place for you.

Looking forward to hearing from you.




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