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[Blackrock Candy Co. |Horde|Classic|US West|PvP-Whitemane|Tues Thurs 6-10pm PST]][TUES THURS 6-10 PST]

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[Blackrock Candy Co.][H][UsWest][Pvp][Tues Thurs 6-10pm PST]

Blackrock candy Co. is a mostly casual, semi hard-core raiding guild focused on clearing raid content as efficiently as possible while maintaining a fun raiding atmosphere.   We aspire to build an extraordinary, camaraderie based community that mutually respects our members not just as gamers, but as people.  We want the player, not the class. However, if you want world firsts or to be the top everything, everywhere, at all times, this is probably not the guild for you.  This is more like a Health Department B+ rated restaurant.  You know they don't clean their bathrooms enough, but the graffiti in the stalls is hilarious, and the food is worth the risk.

Come prepared.  Show up early to a raid night with consumables.  Know your rotation, curses, buffs etc.  We are looking for eager, active, skilled, friendly players that possess a sense of humor, the ability to not be offended easily, and want to help us grow into a fun, camaraderie based, B+ rated restaurant. New and veteran players alike are welcome to apply.

We are recruiting a robust roster in order to ensure we are able to accomplish the goals we set forth for ourselves as a team and community.  Priority will be given to those who commit themselves to gearing and preparing before raids start.

Tuesday and Thursday 6pm to 10pm Pst.

Modified Dkp

We are going to run mostly everything through discord to keep it super simple for our raiders discord.gg/AEvrAdr

Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon!

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Most important lesson I ever learned in life.  Always use your parking brake when parked on an incline or better yet actually have a functional parking brake. . . .

her: "I think the car is rolling!"

me: "No, baby that's just me, I am rocking your world!"

her: "the car is rolling!"

me: "*filtered*!"


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Most a mix of emu, and pork left over by products. . .and some yellow food dye, I don't know why yellow.....but yellow food dye.

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