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Patch 8.2 Release Candidate Live on PTR

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Patch 8.2 is coming and while Blizzard still haven't confirmed an official release date for the latest content update, test servers have been updated with the second build this week and the first Rise of Azshara Release Candidate.


Build 30827 is the first Release Candidate of Patch 8.2.

Release Date Speculation

Now that we have our first Release Candidate, chances are the patch will become available for pre-download next week, hitting live servers during the week of June 25th. Blizzard clarified that there's going to be a two-week off-season on live servers after Rise of Azshara goes live, before Mythic Season 3, Azshara's Eternal Palace, and Operation: Mechagon dungeon become accessible.

Check out our Patch 8.2 hub for the latest Rise of Azshara news!

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the 25th or the 2nd was always going to be the release date as i have said blizz does this *filtered* all the time (going to play FF14 though 8.2 is still lackluster)

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    • By Starym
      As the WoW team mentioned in their statement, they have been removing references "that are not appropriate for our world". While we've noticed the /spit emote change on the BCC PTR, most/all of the other content removal seems to be centered on references to Alex Afrasiabi, who was talked about in the Activision Blizzard lawsuit. Today we'll take a look at some of the things already removed from the game and some that remain, as the removal seems to be an ongoing process.
      First off we have many references already removed, with the Fras Siabi and Foror names being replaced by Ezra Grimm and Nostro. There's many more items, NPCs etc. related to the two names above and others, which you can check out over on Wowhead. The most notable NPC change, however, is the one that received immediate retribution from players when news of the lawsuit broke, as Field Marshall Afrasiabi is now Field Marshall Stonebridge. For a longer list of some of the items that have been removed, check out Wowhead's article here.

      Source: Wowhead.
      However, it seems the work is still ongoing, as there are some references that have not been addressed yet, or some that didn't quite go through completely, like the below. You can see the while the NPC's name remains problematic, it is actually changed in the chat window when he speaks:

      Source: MrGraffio.
      While many references to Fras Siabi have been removed from Stratholme, like the mini-boss, quest etc, at least one remains:

      Source: Thekingchem.
      And then there's this very specific one, which might have even gone completely missed if yuvalal hadn't spotted it, as Foror is mentioned in a conversation between two NPCs in the Escape from Durnholde Keep/Old Hillsbrad Foothills Caverns of Time dungeon:

      Source: yuvalal.

      Clearly the removal of references is still ongoing, and even the ones missed above may already be removed from the game when you read this, as Blizzard have a lot of them to go through.
    • By Staff
      Blizzard announced some nerfs for Shards of Domination set bonuses recently. They even made it live briefly, but have been reverted, as the devs didn't want to proceed with the change.
      Further Shard adjustments will be made in the coming days, but they don't want to nerf them now that many players have obtained and upgraded them. 
      Items and Rewards
      Shards of Domination Earlier this week, a change to the power of Shards of Domination set bonuses (e.g. Chaos Bane) was briefly applied to the live game. We are no longer planning to proceed with that change at all. We may make further adjustments in the coming days, but we will not reduce the power of Shards now that many players have earned and upgraded them.
    • By Stan
      Tired of looking up Soul Ash and Soul Cinder costs? Check out this simple macro that tells you how much of each you need to upgrade Legendary items in Patch 9.1!
      If you run the following macro in the chat, you will see how much Soul Ash / Soul Cinders you need for:
      A new Rank 1 and 4 Legendary; Rank 5 and 6 Soul Cinder costs; Soul Ash & Cinders cost from Rank 1 to 6. The macro was created by Shinela and improved by DoverBoys.
      /run local f,r,i,j,a,c=C_CurrencyInfo.GetCurrencyInfo,"\nRank","\124T3743738:0\124t","\124T4067362:0\124t" a=f(1828).quantity c=f(1906).quantity print(r,"1:",i,1250-a,r,"4:",i,5150-a,r,"5:",j,1100-c,r,"6:",j,1650-c,"/n",r,"1 to 6:",i,3900-a,j,1650-c) The following appears in the chat window when you run it.

      Source: Reddit
    • By Stan
      Here's a showdown of 80 players facing it off in Alterac Valley. 40 Paladins versus 40 Priests! Who do you think will win?
      Rextroy's latest video shows 40 Paladins fighting against 40 Priests in Alterac Valley. A few words from Rextroy about the showdown:
      The battle did not end up as I expected, not at all! My initial thought was that by the power of Luminescence.
      The paladins would be able to dish out massive damage. Stacking this buff at least 20 times would more than double your damage. Both ret and prot has access to this honor talent. As you can see on the buff bar, I have an insane number of Luminescence. But it appears that not all of them will add to your damage or healing, even if it looks like they would. The damage numbers don't add up.
      With this strategy not working as expected, Paladins were in a tough spot. Priests are able to dispel all kind of immunities, and paladins sacrifice a great deal of damage to heal (at least ret palas). While shadow has an easier time with Vampiric Embrace.
      Void Volley (new honor talent for shadow priest) doesn't share DR at all, which means entering melee range against a group of shadow priest can keep you locked down for... too long.
      At least the lag was really minimal, so that's something Shadowlands definitely improved!
      Here are the results.
      40 Paladins Versus 40 Priests
    • By Starym
      While the timegating discussion has been going on for quite a while, as some players dislike being held back and having to wait for weekly unlocks and similar, we have a pretty literal interpretation of it all by Lady Vashj, as she tales matters into her own hands.
      The bug is actually pretty annoying, coming up for many players, and Vashj seems to be quite aware of it, with her "Make it quick!" lines sounding like some serious taunting! 

      As noted in one of the threads, you can actually turn in the quest by either cornering her, or by continuously running while turning it in, and the issue seems to be present regardless of the race of the character.
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