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Item Level Increase in Patch 8.2

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Soo... First things first. You just can't compare mythic+ with mythic raiding or with pvp it all has its skill requirements the only thing to say to anything is that dungeons shouldn't be the endgame of the expansion that always should be the raid or pvp...   And the gear you get from pvp should be able to be compared to the gear you get from pve content. In my opinion the gear you get from dungeons at their highest difficulty should always at least 20 ilvls lower than mythic raiding gear simply because raiding is way harder to manage than dungeons and that's a proven fact just think about the time they first cleared the +10 dungeon and the mythic raid of the current patch. The dungeon is always cleared way earlier than the raid which proves that raiding is more difficult and should give better gear. And to the pvp part. They really should get the resilience and the might back so that you just can't do good enough in pvp without doing anything pvp related  pve players should have a big disadvantage in pvp against pvp players. The pve players with the highest gear possible can do what they want in pve but shouldn't be able to even scratch a half geared pvp player   pvp gear should really give an advantage at pvp and not just have some more versatility. #bringpvpstatsback

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