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[CLASSIC] [HORDE] [PVP - EST] [TUES/THURS 9PM-12AM EST] <Central Control>

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<Central Control>
NA | PvP | Horde

Main Raid Schedule:
Tuesday: 9PM - 12AM EST
Thursday: 9PM - 12AM EST

About Us: 
Central Control is a group of Vanilla veterans aiming to compete with the best raiding guilds in Vanilla.  While we are first and foremost a progression-focused raiding guild, we plan to have fun outside raids with guild premades for PVP, open world events, and alts.

Who we are looking for:
-Member who are 18+
-Reliable raiders who can consistently perform at a high level.  This includes preparation such as consumables and enchants.
-Players who are willing to accept constructive feedback on performance and make adjustments
-Team players who are committed to a fun and productive raiding environment

Member Expectations:
-Have your gear enchanted and consumes ready
-Atleast an 80% raid attendance
-Be ready to go 15 mins before raid
-Maintain a positive relationship with every member

What we offer:
-A transparent, rotating loot council system based on raider preference and guild needs, with item priorities published ahead of raids
-Experienced Vanilla leadership and raiding strategies
-A community for vanilla wow beyond raiding

Druid (Resto) High                         Hunter: Low 
Mage: High                                       Priest: High
Rogue: Low (1 spot)                        Shaman(Resto): Medium 
Warrior (DPS): High                         Warrior (Tank): Low
Warlock: High

How to apply:
-Send in an application using the link Here and one of our officers will reach out to you via discord.
-Once the application is reviewed you will then be invited to join the guild discord.

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