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[Classic][H] <Final Boss> PvP Hardcore

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You can apply to our guild hereSocial_Media_-_facebook-1-01.thumb.jpg.f77bba37a90c722d55ba30b4fd2f21ff.jpg

<Final Boss> NA/Horde/Hardcore/Loot Council/PvP

<Final Boss> is recruiting to fill out multiple 40 man raid and Battleground/Ranking PvP teams. Our raid times are projected for 9 PM EST.
Our History:

  • Final Boss formed in 2007 during  the TBC expansion and we have been playing together across multiple games and expansions over the years. Our guild moved to private servers in 2013 and have progressed Molten Core to Naxxramas multiple times since then.


  • What we're looking for- PvE: Solid players who are interested in pushing content while also being afforded the option of a flexible raid schedule. We are currently accepting players for all classes and roles.


  • What we're looking for- PvP: Serious players who are looking to push ranks early and either know the Honor system or are willing to learn it. We are currently accepting exceptional players for all classes and roles.


  • What we are not looking for: We play this game for team based progression, self serving players should look elsewhere. We are not looking for Enhancement Shaman, Elemental Shaman, or Feral Cats for PvE.


You can apply to our guild here or you can message any of these fine people on discord for an interview:


Guild Masters
@kurthos#8372 @bombo#2988
Tanking Class Leaders
@Zuglaz#8015 @Angus#4631 @Redzone#7838
Caster Class Leaders
@Autohax#2316 @Asch#4393
Melee/Hunter Class Leaders
@Turocko (the undertaker)#8342 @Whammy#6031 @Obsolete#0495 @shiftcor#7468
Healing Class Leaders
@Dankhealz#2830 @Spotterd#4420
Organized PvP Leaders


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