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Mage PvP 1.12 (Classic)

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All 3 builds look really fun. Are they all used competetively? Is it too difficult question to answer when's the best time to use any of those 3 builds? :)

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They are! It all comes down to what you are looking for:

Deep Frost is what people are mostly using for now, its great with low gear levels and provides the highest defensive potential with Ice Barrier and all the frost goodies.

Elementalist is also a nice build with more offensive potential and a ton of instant casts, but it has so many spells that its a bit harder to play, and of course, squishier than Deep Frost.

Pom Pyro is all about the namesake combo. At high level you can easily one shot someone if it crits, no matter what else is going on, so its great against targets who have healers with them or are very hard to catch, such as Druids running the flag on WSG. Outside of this window, you are mostly an elementalist without frost spells, which is the squishiest a Mage can be.

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