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CLASSIC | <Sublime> | Alliance | PvP Server

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?Who we are
Sublime has its roots on the private server scene, and is led by a team with extensive knowledge and vast experience on all aspects of Vanilla gaming.
We cleared 100% of Vanilla content from Lucifron to Kel'Thuzad, and many of our players achieved high PvP ranks including multiple Rank 14.

• PvE: Bring our accumulated experience and core team to form the best raiding guild on our server. Our 1st objective is to clear Molten Core on the 2nd week after server release!
• PvP: Be the guild to be for the PvP fans. We have multiple high rankers experienced in leading premades and brackets that will promote ranking within the guild. BGs, World PvP and World boss action!
• Community: Continue to build a long term tight-knit guild, with passionate people for the Classic Project, be it Vanilla Classic or future Classic releases!

• Team with around 60+ active players in order to do split runs with alts.
Schedule (CET)
Wed (Split 1) 19:30-23:00
Thu (Split 2) 19:30-23:00
(Times for raiding + occasional activities, all raids besides Naxx take 30-60min to clear)

?Loot distribution
• Experienced & fair Loot Council that take into consideration: performance, attendance, guild engagement and current gear progression.

?Who are we looking for?
• We welcome every player that is dedicated, skilled and that understands the time investment required to be successful in the game.
• Players with previous Vanilla experience are preferred, but we'll consider non experienced players who are highly motivated and willing to research, learn, and always strive to improve gameplay.
• Team players that want to be part of a long term project, we aren't looking for tourists.


Please contact us for more information at our discord:




Or check our WEB:





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