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[Classic][Horde][US][PVP] <Working Adults> Guild Recruitment

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Hi All,

My name is Xariz and I am an officer of <Working Adults> looking to recruit new members into our ranks! Below is an overview of what we have to offer and what we are looking for in our members.

We are a community of (soon-to-be) WoW Classic players that have real life obligations but would like to play end-game content in a more relaxed but structured fashion. Here is a brief overview of the requirements and expectations of members.

First and foremost, have fun and be respectful.

We prefer if you spec your class (after reaching 60) to help progress in raids, but it's not a requirement. We may request it during very challenging first time encounters (Like Nefarian or certain AQ bosses)... but let's be real, that's a while from now so we'll cross that bridge when it comes. Play the game the way you enjoy it, but be mindful of the raid... because we don't need 8 Boomkin every week, someone has to heal... I'm looking at you too enhancement shaman.

Help out the guild, and the guild will help you out. The further we progress, the better the gear we ALL get.

We anticipate that we will all be leveling at different speeds based on experience, class, and let's face it, TIME. Take the time you need and don't feel forced to reach 60 to help raid. A handful of members will probably rush quickly and reach 60 in a month, others may take several more months.

Even though we all are pressured for time and the grind to 60 drives you to just keep pushing, I encourage each member to help a lower level player with a quest or instance once per week. This isn't a requirement at all, just a nice practice I think would make the guild stronger, more connected, and progress more quickly.

PvP is not required as part of the guild, but we are open to planning and/or scheduling cooperative group PvP or pre-made BGs when they are released. There are great gear and rep rewards from PvP and we understand that this is a big motivator for some members. PvP is encouraged and supported, but not participating will not affect your guild/raid status.

Raids will be held twice per week and capped at 4 hours per raid. We're still up for debate on raid days and times, but are planning for either Mon-Wed or Tue-Thurs from 6pm-10pm PST.

There is also a possibility of an occasional weekend raid to help progress on new content. These raids will be scheduled ahead of time and will not be mandatory (Example: Clearing the first few bosses of MC on a weekend to allow the guild more time during the week to do BWL).

Loot will be decided based on two factors: DKP; and in some rare cases, loot council.

Loot Council will ONLY take place on guild first item drops. This is to make sure that priority gear goes to the main tanks, main healers, and top dps to hasten progression. Note: The council is also likely to award some guild first drops to committed but under-geared players to help improve overall guild progression.

If loot is awarded by loot council, somewhere between -20 to -250 DKP will be deducted from the player who receives the piece, depending on quality and rarity of the item. This can cause the player to enter negative DKP).

In all other cases (99% of the time), loot will be bid on using earned DKP.

Minimum bid must be twice the DKP awarded from the boss (see chart below). Example: Bid for drops off Ragnaros start at 10 DKP, since 5 DKP will be earned from the fight. There is no bid maximum. Unwanted items can be disenchanted or awarded to new players for the minimum DKP value (note: this can cause some new players to enter negative DKP).

Please join us at https://www.reddit.com/r/workingadultsguild/ as well as on discord: https://discord.gg/trGCwh

Thank you and we'll see you in Azeroth!


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