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Pre-Selected Talents Feature Coming in the Future

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The Heroes team will deliver a feature that will allow players to pre-select their talent(s) in the near future.

While bots don't pick a talent for some time after you disconnect from the game and it makes perfect sense to adjust your talent picks based on your opponent, it would be really nice to give players the option to pick at least one talent in advance and focus on the team fight. The feature was recently requested on Reddit and we got a blue reply, claiming the team is excited to deliver it in the near future.

We currently don't know how pre-selecting talents will work, but you should be definitely able to deselect your pre-selected talent before hitting a certain level.                       

Blizzard LogoBlizzard (Source)

Hear me out before you throw forks at me!

It can throw you off your groove when you level-up mid fight and need to select a critical talent while also needing to focus on the teamfight. It would be a great feature if (in-game) you can open up your talents panel and pre-select certain talents. Select them again to de-pre-select (lol). Not sure which talent you want on a certain level? No problem, just don't pre-select it! Seems like this would be the best of all worlds but I want to hear your thoughts. Throw forks!

This is something that one of our UI Engineers is extremely passionate about and hopefully we can get him some time to dig into it in the near future!

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This was discussed in the community in the past. 

I think a good build depends on the situation and composition. You may find a good build for your team, but there is always room for adaptation if you are ahead or behind. The talents may also depend on the map.

It is not much you have to do compared to other MOBAs where you have to manage the inventory and item shop.

So I just hope this will not make middle league players more lazy and inflexible.
On the other hand you could be able to pre select your heroic in the early game and smash R in the moment you reach 10 during a team fight.

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This would be great. Since people will likely be like 'oh don't preselect EVERYTHING!' So they could just make it so you can only preselect your NEXT upcoming tier talent once the PREVIOUS one is unlocked. That would likely mitigate that worry for the most part. Especially since that would mean you still have to pay attention to what you're gonna get for your next talent at that point in the match.

Also having this figure would help from the times when we've all panic picked a talent in the middle of a team fight that might help to save us from death that very second but aren't exactly a good choice for the rest of the match. 😛 I'm sure we've all been there from time to time 😛 

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On 7/4/2019 at 4:33 PM, Alkasar said:

So I just hope this will not make middle league players more lazy and inflexible.
On the other hand you could be able to pre select your heroic in the early game and smash R in the moment you reach 10 during a team fight.

I think, this sums it up quite nicely. Builds are ally-, enemy-, map- and match-sensitive so to speak. So the cookie cutter build will certainly not be the best build in any given situation. It's easy to just mash in the talents suggested in the interwebs during the startup phase and then forget about it, leading to sub optimal builds as the match progresses. I do agree however, this might be mainly an issue for less experienced players.

Only one talent in advance or the heroic at least sounds like a reasonable deal though.

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