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Classic WoW [Ascension] [H] | NA-PvP | Very Social Semi-Hardcore Raiding & PvP | Loot council (All about the COMMUNITY!!)

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[Ascension] [H] | NA-PvP |  Very Social Semi-Hardcore Raiding & PvP | Loot council

We are a new Evening/Night guild and most of our members are Veterans and we have all played since Vanilla. As such, we have a lot of experience raid wise. We are going to be  very special. Quality over Quantity. We want to be a very social guild with absolutely no filters and we love Meme's. We are going to be focusing on Raid progression. When PVP comes out we will run premades and World PVP(GUROBASHI Arena/Barrens Chat aka Chuck Norris LOL/World Bosses) We are going to be a tight knit guild meaning we don't want to have 500+ members like other big guilds do.

Rules & requirements: Age restriction of 23+ as most of us are in our mid 20's and early 30's  and we would not like to play with children or kids.

Raiding schedule: As far as raids go We will be Raiding 3x a week from 10pm-1am EST focusing on raid progression. The days have not been determined yet. 

Expectations of Raiders:-Knowledge of fight
                                            -Come prepared with all required consumables
                                            -Be on 15 minutes before raid

What We Offer: 

-Great Leadership
-Building an amazing community.
-A guild that actually cares about it’s members.
-Active Discord to chat about World of Warcraft Classic
-An environment to progress and successfully complete raids and goals
-An environment where we get things done and have a fun time doing it
-Help while leveling if you need to get a group quest done
-Upon hitting 60 we will be running multiple dungeons to get BIS Gear pre MC
-Help get attuned for MC

What we're looking for as a guild:

-Someone who has a sense of humor.
-Active players on our discord and guild chat 
-Active community participation
-Team players who value their peers and guild


We are recruiting all roles. Join our amazing guild discord  https://discord.gg/kW77D9v  DM Smash#4050

Wait Here LOL.jpg

Who remembers this!.jpg


Fighting for US.gif

Ascension Horde.png

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