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[H][EU][PvE][Classic] <Pull and Beer> - Social guild with a raiding problem

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We are forming a new guild for WoW Classic with focus on social aspects. We want to build a community, not chase progression alone. We do like to surprise ourselves, so we definitely have some ambitions, just not to the extent that we expect to clear top tier raid instances.

The guild is based around a group of old guild mates with history back to launch, and we want to grow to a point where we are capable of mounting full size raids. Raids will not be on the agenda for a while and when it becomes a topic it will be a lazy progression, at best just a once a week event.

Serious raiding requires a level of dedication and stress that is incompatible with the relaxed atmosphere we're aiming for. Our attitude may be casual to most things, but we take people seriously.


Realm: Pyrewood Village
Faction: Horde
Timezone: Server time (CET)
Language: English
Guild Type: International, social, family

Guiding principles

  • People first - People before game progression.
  • Social cohesion - Limited obligations and tasks.
  • Transparency - Clear and openly stated directions and goals.


  1. Build a community with members we will be proud to call friends.
  2. Achieve a size, skill and composition that allows occasional full-size raids.

Members Expectations

  • You are willing to share, help and contribute to a community.
  • You accept that plans change and interruptions occur. 
  • You are responsible and punctual.
  • You are able to focus.
  • You try to improve and learn. 
  • You have a sense of humour and self-irony. 
  • You are honest and speak your mind.

Raid Schedule

Due to the need to adult, guild-wide organized activity will be on weekend nights, most likely Sundays for raids (typically between 19:00 and 23:00). We don’t expect to mount full raids every week.


If interested, please join our recruitment channel on discord where we’ll set up a private channel to have a chat with our recruiters:


More info can be found at our website: 



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    • By UCSwift
      Region: US
      Realm: Ghostlands & Kael'thas
      Faction: Alliance
      Style: Casual Heroic PvE
      Raid Nights: Wednesday and Monday
      Times: 8:30PM Central to 10:30PM Central
      Current Progression: 5/8 Heroic Eternal Palace
      About Us
      Justice is a no drama, alliance casual heroic raiding guild on the Ghostlands & Kael'thas PvE server. We've been around since wrath with most of our core leadership around since Vanilla & BC. We like to have fun, joke around and kill bosses. We don't have a strict attendance or loot system. For all of Legion and the raid tiers so far in BFA we have received our AOTC's.
      We also have a farm raid on Sunday where we will help fresh 110's, alts, friends and people that can't join us on Wednesday or Monday get loot. We enjoy helping people out, chillin' on Discord and have some peeps that like to get their Mythic+ and PvP on. We are working on building out our 20 man roster and hope this sounds like a guild you can come and have fun with! As a guild we use Discord. We pay for a guild subscriptions of Ask Mr. Robot, RaidBots & WarcraftLogs.
      Current Needs
      Shadow Priest Affliction Warlock Fire Mage DPS should be at or above 22K on a single target on a boss.
      Please reach out to BattleTag Pitfall#1290 or Tannatax#1569 for more information! Don't DM or reply here as it's slow for me to receive the notifications.
    • By TwistedVortex
      Welcome to the Twisted Vortex experience.

      Twisted Vortex is a Horde raiding guild re-formed by a core of experienced players, with the majority of its members based on Kazzak EU, with others on Haomarush, Stormreaver and Tarren Mill. Our main aim is heroic progression and preparation for the release of Legion - but we aren't ruling out Mythic content either. We're currently 8/13 Heroic. We are open to players who don't necessarily want to transfer also. 

      We are looking for committed players, who will buy in to the ethos of the guild.

      - Be an active member of the guild
      - Support and respect each of our members, we don't talk !@#$ to or about each other
      - Be open to feedback, and be prepared to act upon it
      - Have a good knowledge of your class and role with in a raid, including tactics
      - Maintain a high level of attendance - most of us have lives, and we understand that these can have an impact

      Things to know about our raiding structure - 

      - We raid from 20.30 to 23.30 server time Wednesday, Thursday and Monday.
      - Raid invites begin 10 mins before start time
      - We use loot council - we aim to be as fair as possible with loot distribution, the council's decision is final. 

      Meet some of the team... 

      Our Raid Leader 
      Yimiko - An experienced raid leader, dating back to Vanilla. Available for all of your raid leading needs. 

      The Boss
      Hôôters - Paladin until wow dies. 

      Head Communications Officer 
      Béann - self proclaimed top DPS - lies or delusions? who knows, no one really cares. 

      Gear - ideally we want people who are ready to raid Hellfire Citadel Heroic, but we aren't completely insane to think we'll have people with 705 ilvl beating down our door to get in to a raid... so if you are a little under geared and willing to put the effort in to attaining the required kit - then we are more than happy to help you get there as long as we see an independent effort on your part. 
      Trial period - there is no set time frame, if we think you are legend after 1 raid - then we'll give you raider rank, if it takes 3 or 4... then well it is what it is. 

      What classes do we require?
      Resto Druid 

      Holy Paladin 
      Resto Shaman 

      Retribution Paladin 
      Feral Druid 
      Windwalker Monk 
      Shadow Priest 

      If you are interested, drop us an email at twistedvortexeu@gmail.com and we'll get back to you asap! 

      Alternately, contact any of the below for more info. 

      Béann - BOZZABEAN #2671
      Hôôters - HOOTERS #2788
      Móneyshot - Eilaan #2512
      Snoozlers - FIREDETEI #2965
      Nathil - TREY #2214 
      Swayvil - RAZYEL #2518


      Twisted Vortex EU
    • By Cre8ive
      :: OVERVIEW ::
      Faction: Horde
      Guild Created: 24th December 2008
      Guild Leader: Aka (Battletag: aka#2248)
      Guild Website: www.armyofthehorde.eu 
      :: ABOUT US ::
      Est. 24th December 2008 (Aggramar-EU), Army of the Horde is a social gaming community which focuses on friendship, merriment and achievement. We game with beverage in hand, with random Karaoke over Teamspeak or whatever voice comms we are using at the time and with our conversations rarely out of the gutter! This isn't to say that we aren't mature- being primarily a community of professional adults, we simply choose not to take gaming too seriously! We focus on social PvE raiding but aren't scared of a good bit of PvP!
      During Mists of Pandaria (Throne of Thunder time), the guild decided to take a break from raiding and from World of Warcraft and many people moved on to other guilds/servers and other games. However by instinct, many of the core members from WotLK and MoP have returned to the guild and we are looking to re-build the guild to it's former glory! 
      In June 2015, the officers tackled a tough discussion about the future of the guild on Aggramar EU, and after much consultation we decided to pack up are wears, and jump server to Twisting Nether. Since we have only just recently transferred we will almost be 'starting again' building up a raiding roster.
      Our aim is to attract returning players, or those wanting a fresh start or those who simply wanted to reroll and forge a highly skilled and dedicated community in which to tackle end-game content at the highest level.
      :: WHAT WE CAN OFFER ::
      *A brand new start within the game alongside passionate and ambitious players.
      *A skilled player base with the desire to succeed at end-game raiding.
      *A guild with a firm emphasis on community.
      *A management team with a wealth of knowledge within high-end raiding guilds.
      *Fair and progressive loot distribution
      We are currently reviewing ALL applications for both social and raid members. As we are not only a progress driven guild but also a very social community it is important for us that members are a good fit. 
      For current tier progression all applicants are expected to have a desire to raid in a competitive environment and possess the appropriate gear level and class knowledge to contribute to current content progression. 
      So if you are over 18, have a good sense of humour, can bring good banter, not easily offended, but know when to pull up your raiding pants and kick some !@# we would like to hear from you! 
      :: RAID SCHEDULE ::
      Wednesday, Thursday, Monday: 20:30 - 23.00 (server time)
      Occasional raids by be planned for Saturday or Tuesday depending on current needs, however this will be discussed with the raid team before it is planned and will only be considered as 'one off' raids. 
      Tanks :: CLOSED
      DPS :: OPEN
      Full details can always be found on our website (www.armyofthehorde.eu)
      Social Members are always welcome! 
      Thanks again for reading and on behalf of everyone in Army of the Horde we would like to wish you all the very best of luck in game and maybe we will see some of you very soon!
    • By Peelyon
      Below you will find our guild recruitment post.  If you are reading here chances are you are on a different server to ourselves - so as a heads up we do allow players to start raiding with us cross-realm (who wants to pay £$£$£ for it not to work out!) Obviously for Mythic you WILL need to move to Magtheridon EU - but you can come to a heroic run to see if you enjoy it and we can give you a mini trial!
      Foundation are currently 4/10 M in Blackrock Foundry.
      We are currently raiding mythic BRF and have Blackhand heroic on farm. We hope to continue to push our progression as far as possible before the release of 6.2.
      We raid two progression nights a week (Weds/Sun 20.15-23.00 CEST).
      This is quite a short raid schedule, however we are efficient in our raids and wipes and expect applicants to be the same (turning up on time being around for trash etc). This allows as much uptime as possible on the bosses and is helpful for those with high real life commitments.
      As you will probably know there are a large number of guilds recruiting with similar progression as ourselves, so what makes us different?
      "Social" raiding guilds are truly hard to come by - and we want to create an atmosphere so you enjoy the game, raid, and make good friends along the way
      A very relaxed raid environment - where players are expected to bring their best to the raid - but won't get shouted at if you make a mistake.
      We believe firmly in the social aspect of the game both inside and outside of raids - encouraging players to get involved in social events and voice chat.
      Two nights per week progression with no attendance criteria makes it a lot easier to fit your real life in and around WoW. You won't lose your place if you can't make a few raids while running flexible content. Obviously with mythic content this becomes more difficult - but we will do our best as a group to accommodate peoples real life commitments!
      We are still recruiting social members regardless if you want to raid or not. For those looking for a more social guild with a little casual raiding we have an "alt / casual" run on Thursdays clearing BRF heroic (20.15-23.00 CEST). With this being more relaxed its fine if you can only show up halfway through etc as well - no pressure to attend. It also gives a great chance for people to learn / gear in a comfortable environment!
      If you would like some more info then either add myself peelyon#2117 or ikaros#2100 or visit our guild website
      Just remember to say you found us through Icy Veins
    • By Deathrag
      Guild Name: Sanctum of Dreams
      Faction: Horde
      Realm (US/EU): US
      Realm Type: PvE
      Realm Timezone: EST
      Battlegroup: Stormstrike

      Hello fellow WoW Players!

      Are you looking for a new home for your beloved character? Are you a new player looking for a friendly place to start? Are you looking for a social and active guild? Are you looking for an actual sense of community, and not just a group of solo players dumped together to reap the benefit of guild perks? Well, look no further!

      <Sanctum of Dreams> is a guild located on Turalyon-US-PvE that is looking for active and friendly players! Currently, we are one of the rare PvP-oriented guilds on Turalyon, but we now have a raiding component in our guild!

      What are we looking for? We are looking for players who are friendly, helpful, motivated and consistent. We are looking for players of any skill level, as long as you are willing to improve!

      These times are in Eastern Standard Time.

      Raid Times: "Lucid Assassins" Sunday & Monday, 10 PM - Midnight
      "The Dream Team" Wednesday & Saturday 9:15PM - 12:15AM

      We are clearing MoP content! Lucid Assassins is 12/12 in ToT! The Dream Team is being restructured for 5.4!
      Lucid Assassins

      Raids run weekly every Sunday and Monday from 10pm-12am server time. They are 12/12 in ToT right now.

      The Dream Team

      The Dream Team is currently restructuring for SoO. Currently they need a tank (Any class but monk) and 2 DPS (Warlock, and a DPS who provides the Crit buff). If you want more information about the team, visit http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/9882179205#1

      Aside from Raiding and PvPing, we engage in a variety of activities. You can always find a group willing to run dungeons, scenarios, random battlegrounds, arena, engage in world PvP, or even level up a new toon. A lot of us are fans of transmog, so we frequently try to do old raids/dungeons for shiny gear. We hold monthly guild events with prizes including mounts and pets. We have an awesome year-long event we have running right now - called the Quest for Dreamer - that may interest fans of achievements.

      Does Sanctum of Dreams sound like a potentially good home for you? Then visit cen.enjin.com and fill out an application! An officer will be sure to respond to your application within 24 hours! If you have any questions, feel free to whisper any of the guild management (Deathrag, Merthas, Stable, and Yourbhuddy) and they will be more than happy to chat with you!
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