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Druid PvP 1.12 (Classic)

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On 9/26/2019 at 7:31 PM, Guest Slumberlust said:

This guide leaves out one of the most versatile pvp specs for druid: 1/29/21 build that gives you access to 4/5 HotW, Natures Grasp, AND Nature's Swiftness.



Nice build! I don't know that I would add it in as its own seperate build, but I'll definitely make a note on the HotW build that I already have to potentially swap out the point for NG if you want to. Thanks!

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Guest Antique

Couple quick typo fixes:

1 Ancient Cornerstone Grimoire is an Off-Hand, not a trinket. 
2 Don Rodrigo’s band is listed as a BiS ring but it’s not even usable by Druids, look at the class restrictions. 


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