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Recruiting Writers for WoW Classic

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We are recruiting a Paladin-class writer for WoW Classic, as well as additional writers for non-class content guides.

As many of you may already know, we are currently growing our WoW Classic section on the site and populating it with guides for all areas of the game.

We are recruiting writers for the following guides:

  1. Paladin class guide:
    • This will involve writing a full guide for all of the viable specs in WoW Classic, just as we currently have for the other classes.
    • The guide will mainly be PvE-focused, but there will be a PvP section that you will also be required to complete.
  2. Non-class guides:
    • This will involve working alongside other writers to complete guides on professions, dungeons, raids, and zones in WoW Classic. You will not be writing any class-specific content, but instead you will be creating "general" guides for the game.


  • You must have a strong command of the English language, most importantly in its written form. While this role is open to all, native speakers are preferred.
  • You will need a deep understanding of WoW Classic's mechanics and, in the case of the class writer position, you must fully understand and be familiar with playing as a Paladin at the highest level of "Vanilla" WoW.
  • You will be expected to put out a steady flow of content, with frequent updates as required. 
  • You must be at least 18 years of age.


  • This is a paid position, with a revenue sharing agreement (on all content created by the applicant) that will be explained and discussed in the later stages of the recruitment process.

If you are interested in the position and feel that you might be the right person for the job, you can send us an email at jobs@icy-veins.com. There is no strict format for applying, so you can complete your application in any way that you feel is appropriate. Please note that, due to there being no strict format, we will treat all correspondence with us part of your application. We will conduct interviews with the top choices following a reviewing period.

There is currently no deadline for applications, but earlier applications will be looked at immediately, given the release date of the game closing in.

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        Cyberpunk 2077 has (finally) been launched and we have spent the past days testing and writing as much as possible to prepare our wiki for the game!
        IcyWiki and Cyberpunk 2077
        For those of you that don't already know, the team here at Icy Veins started a project a while back called IcyWiki. These were wiki-style sites looking to cover a variety of games, not just Blizzard-made ones, and one of the games we were most excited to cover was Cyberpunk 2077.
        I took a personal interest in the project because, frankly, I was incredibly excited for the game and had been since the first trailer popped up, and that led to me being one of the people at the forefront of the development of the site.
        Now, after the game has released, I and others within the team have been tirelessly testing and playing the game, collecting information, and preparing the website for our users. The site isn't finished, especially not in terms of content, as the game has enough to cover in it that it could even rival WoW's level of depth (maybe not quite that much, but it's a lot). We will be working throughout the future to continue adding to the site and expanding the features available on it, so please, keep that in mind!
        What is Cyberpunk 2077?
        For those of you that have never played the game before, nor purchased it, I would definitely recommend it (at least for PC, currently). There are some issues, as noted by the community, but overall, the game is extremely fun to play. If you want to give it a look, you can take a look at one of the many trailers released.

        The game was created by CD Projekt Red, the company behind the Witcher game series, and is an FPS Action-Adventure (previously RPG). You will take on the role of V, a fully customisable mercenary (link is NSFW), who is looking to make their name in the dangerous world of Night City.
        NOTE: The text below has no spoilers, but the links to certain pages do! If you do not want any spoilers for the game, do not click on the links below!
        You will play through an amazing main story, but there are countless side quests and relationships to explore, weapons and armour to collect, cars to find, and so much more. The people you find and the conversations you have are directly impacted by the choices you make too, with certain relationships being locked behind certain behaviour (don't pick the wrong line!). For example, if you choose to start out as a Street Kid, you'll find new conversation lines to choose from whenever someone accuses you of lying - your word is your bond and you don't want anyone questioning it!
        Lifepaths aren't the only things that can affect your journey through Night City - you'll have points to spend in attributes in skills that unlock special choices and paths in the game. Got a door that's in your way? Why not rip it open with brute force by investing into the Body attribute or hack it with your Technical Ability. 
        These attributes also unlock skills, similar to specialisations in WoW, that help to bolster your skills towards a certain playstyle. Want to run through Night City as a stealthy hacker? Make sure to pick up some Intelligence and Cool attributes. If you'd rather leap into the middle of a fight with Mantis Blades, then you'll need to make sure you pick up some Reflexes attribute points.

        Contributing to the Cyberpunk IcyWiki
        Whatever your chosen playstyle may be, the game will definitely be great fun to play and maybe you'll end up getting as hooked as we are already!
        If you do start playing the game and want to help us build the content we have on the site faster, you can do so at anytime! All of our pages are open to edits by users, so if you see anything that you feel needs changing or adding, please go ahead! All help is welcome!
        If you are unfamiliar with the system and need help doing so, you can always ask in our dedicated Discord server for IcyWiki, where we will do everything we can to help you understand the system and learn how to use it. You can also give us any feedback you have for the site there.
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