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[US-Mal'Ganis][H] Midnight 25 Man 8/14H LF DPS, Tank, Healer

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Info: Midnight has recently switched to 25 man raiding in preparation for future 20 man raids with the start of the new year and has gone 8/14H in a few weeks of 25 man raiding. We are rapidly improving our roster with each and every raid day and are actively seeking more skilled players.


Currently Recruiting: We are currently recruiting some DPS, a healer, and a tank. There is no item level requirement but you should have enough gear to be able to meaningfully contribute to heroic content immediately. Undergeared, highly skilled players are encouraged to apply as well - we will make an effort to help excellent players acquire the gear they need to be competitive.


Raid Times: Raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 7:30 PM - 11:00 PM CST (server time).


Loot: Loot is awarded via a loot council that makes the best decision in the interest of the guild.


Raid Spots: We do not recruit for backup spots and expect everyone to be able to contribute. We seek to maintain a balanced raid group but like with any appropriately sized raid guild, everyone is expected to sit at some point.




In preparation for the Warlords of Draenor expansion and the 20 man raid format, we converted back from a 10 man guild to a 25 man guild at the start of 2014. Since then we have gone 8/14H and are looking to bolster our ranks with skilled players to make the push to defeat even more.


Midnight was formed during Vanilla on the Suramar server and still has some members in it from the AQ40, TBC, and WoTLK days. Several of us have been playing this game for a very long time and we are hoping to add more raiders for the long haul as we prime Midnight for future success in the rest of Mists of Pandaria and especially Warlords of Draenor.




Midnight is currently looking to add a few DPS, a tank, and a healer to our roster. As previously mentioned, we have recently converted to 25 man raiding and as a result we have several spots to be filled. All classes and specs are encouraged to apply as we are currently quite flexible in our needs and raid composition.


If you feel that you are undergeared but a great player you are encouraged to apply and talk with us. We realize that gear is much easier to acquire than skilled raiders. We will work with you to get you the appropriate gear so that you can start contributing as soon as possible.


We always have room for exceptional players. Always.




Our raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 7:30 PM - 11:00 PM CST. We like to start as close to 7:30 as possible and ask that everyone be online 10-15 minutes beforehand. We do not add additional raid days if we are close to a kill, we raid three days per week. Similarly, we try to end right around 11:00 - some nights we may end a few minutes early and some nights we may end a few minutes late.


We expect our raiders to make the full duration of all of our raids and to not be chronically late or absent. However, we do understand that real life happens and everyone will have to miss or be late to a raid from time to time. We just ask that this is a rare occurrence and does not develop into a regular habit.




Loot is awarded via a loot council. After a boss is defeated, one officer with disenchanting will be looted all of the items via master looter. Each officer will then solicit tells for a specific item he is not interested in, such as a priest taking tells on leather, to prevent as much conflict of interest as possible. Raiders interested in the item then indicate their interest to the officer in charge of the item that was linked by providing as much information as possible about the piece of loot. At a minimum, the item being replaced is to be linked. Additional information such as the loot being best-in-slot for your spec, it’s the only item needed from a particular boss, and should be provided as well. While we ask for as much information as possible, please be brief as we do not want a ten page essay on how some simulation says a ring is going to make your DPS skyrocket.


After interest has been expressed in an item, the officer will award the item to the raider who will provide the guild with the most benefit. This determination is made not only by the aforementioned information provided when the officer solicits interest in the item, but also factors such as the number of items looted in the recent past, amount of time spent raiding with the guild, and the level of performance displayed by the raider. When the item has been awarded it will be the responsibility of the winner to open a trade with the officer that holds all the loot in order to receive the item.


While some of these elements may sound similar to a DKP-esque system, Midnight’s loot system is not in any way solely deterministic by some kind of DKP metric. The number of items looted in the recent past is to provide guidance to the officer making the decision as to roughly who has looted how many things to ensure a more even distribution of loot and no single individual is looting nearly everything. There are also no “points” to hoard; in fact, those who constantly pass on upgrades in hopes of being defaulted a highly sought after item will find their efforts to be very counterproductive. Additionally, those highly sought after items will not be awarded to those in their very first raid but will instead find their ways into the hands of people who have proven themselves to be reliable and skilled raiders.




There are three ranks for raiders: initiate, member, and core. Initiates are those new to the guild. Members are initiates who have proven themselves to be skilled players. Core are those who have further proved themselves to be skilled and reliable over the course of many weeks. With increased rank comes increased benefits such as more money for guild repairs.


All members are expected to be able to contribute to progression content. Those who routinely have problems with staying alive, performing mechanics, and doing enough DPS or healing will have their raid spot in jeopardy. This also means we do not recruit for the bench - you WILL be raiding.




For more information or to apply please contact Atrocity#1411 in-game or via the forums at http://www.midnightwow.com

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