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[EU-PVE] - <Coffee Addicts Anonymous> - [Alliance] - Semi hardcore raiding - 18+

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[EU-PVE] - <Coffee Addicts Anonymous> -  [Alliance] - Semi hardcore raiding - 18+

About us

[*]The goal of Coffee Addicts Anonymous is to provide high quality raids to players who don't want to dedicate 6 days a week to raiding.
[*]Our goal is to progress through all tiers of classic content up to and including Naxxaramas.
[*]Secondary goals is to organise dungeons, alt runs, split runs, group activity, and pvp.


What we provide

[*]Groups for all occasions.
[*]A guild which will continuously recruit to ensure we have the numbers and composition to engage with all classic content.
[*]A serious and streamlined raiding experience which will focus on high quality raiding over high quantity.
[*]A social environment to make friends and build lasting relationships.
[*]Knowledge pool on class and spec optimisations to ensure everyone is on the same page.
[*]A raid leader who respects your time and will keep things on schedule.


What we are looking for

[*] We are currently full on everything, but will consider exceptional applicants and would invite them as socials with the potential to join the raiding team later i.e reserve squad.

What do we expect from you?

[*]90% attendance.
[*]Be prepared with consumables and world buffs as far as practical.
[*]Have one main who has appropriate professions, gear, spec, rep, attunements, and reputation as soon as time allows. No hard time limit but its expected you will eventually sort all this out.
[*]Be polite and kind to your fellow guild members. No politics or other controversial topics in guild chat.


Loot system

[*]Loot Council based upon need and dedication. Absolutely no favoritism.


Raid times

[*]Thursday  19-22
[*]Sunday    19-22
[*][*] Tuesday   19-22


Interested? Reply to this thread, or message me on discord at THE BIG MAN#6532 on Discord to discuss more.

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