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Shaman PvP 1.12 (Classic)

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The first one linked in the guide: 30-0-21.

You get almost all of the burst damage potential of Elemental alongside all of the top healing talents of Restoration for the heals you will be casting most (lesser healing wave in small scale combat, chain heal in large scale combat).

Using Nature's Swiftness is recommended due to its flexibility (use it chain lightning or lightning bolt to burst damage, with healing wave to burst heal) but it can also work with Elemental Mastery (making it 31-0-20) if you prefer.

Have fun!

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Guest Joeblow
On 8/2/2019 at 1:18 PM, Blainie said:

This thread is for feedback concerning our Shaman PvP guide.

this is the worst guide in history a child coulda made it after closing their eyes and selecting any random shaman youtube video.  the audacity it takes to say "this guide contains everything you need to know to play a shaman in a pvp environment"  is rofl stupid.  there is not one piece of deep or quality information.  not any strategy or what shamans counter or who counters them or how to pvp as the only class without a hard cc.  if you swant to do guides not make clickbait landing pages with over genralized basic information then you need to include these things i metnioned and more.  heck if it was a thorough guide it would have a section for vs each other class.  there are not many so it isnt like a big undertaking.  anywya i remember using icy veins way back in retail in like MoP maybe before when it was decent, but this classic version of icy veins is garbage and clearly made with some template not content i mind./

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A lot of improvements / more detail is coming to this page, and the rest of the PvP guides soon, including a BiS list.

It is definitively not meant to stay this way forever, just need a little bit more time to write and review everything up 🙂

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