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<SuperBestFriendsLeagueNA> [H] |Herod| Mon/Tues/Thurs | 9:30 PM - 12:30 AM EST| Loot-Council

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The Super Best Friends League of North America (Mexico not included) aims to be a hardcore guild with a casual schedule. We’re currently comprised of late-20’s early-30’s retail veterans who have virtually zero classic raiding experience, but plenty of experience through the years. Achievements include US 70 H-Lich King, US 87 H-Halion in the guild Casually Serious/Skunkworks (the guild name changed in ICC). They were the #1 two-night raiding guild during this time, raiding only 8 hours a week, so we understand what it takes to achieve our goals on a casual schedule; however, this is a new guild, and one that caters to those with less free time, so don’t expect to raid MC immediately. With that in mind, we plan to be raid-ready sometime during October. Long-term, we have every intention of clearing all classic content as quickly as possible. Looking past classic, if Burning Crusade and Lich King classic servers ever come to pass the guild will continue into those expansions.

Expectations: Ideally we’re looking for players who would apply to Method if they had the time (and this were retail), but that’s a bit unrealistic. So more realistically, we’re looking for those who are “cursed” with a real life (family, school, work, etc.) and can’t or won’t embrace the poopsock mentality, but still strive to conquer all that classic has to offer.

Do not apply if you are not 100% confident in your maturity as a human being (at least while fighting bosses). We will only recruit people who are as immune to individual failure as humanly possible while avoiding the prima donnas, flakes, lootmonger, and their ilk.

Do not apply if you aren’t the kind of person that obsesses about your class. If you don’t know what use a spreadsheet would be in maximizing your dps/tps, you might not be what we’re looking for.

Raid Times: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 9:30 pm - 12:30am EST so 9 hours during progression. Monday will be dropped first during farm, followed by Thursday. Raid times will never be extended, and raiding outside of these hours will never be required.

Loot: Everyone knows what a loot council is – we’re impartial, we don’t play favorites, we have the best interest of the guild in mind. The council will be comprised of the raid leader, the role leaders (class leaders are stupid), and two raiders that are chosen by cycling through the roster on a raid-by-raid basis.

Current Recruitment Needs:

Warrior DPS: High
Warrior Tank: Low
Shaman Resto: High
Hunter: Medium
Druid Resto: Medium
Rogue: High
Mage: High
Warlock: Low
Priest Holy: Medium

Contact us at
Discord: Pige0n#0458, Potatocat#6478 or join our server gPq6x9Z
BattleNet: Pige0n#1387, Potatocat#2245

Apply at: forms.gle/D7pfP9wJZZXiNCSX8

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