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Stupid OTKs in Solo Adventures

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Just as the title says, I was wondering what kind of stupid OTKs people have done in Solo Adventures.  Attached are two personal examples.  One from way back when 'Dungeons' and Boss Runs were first added into Hearthstone, a near insane level of RNG was needed.  Then there is the one I did today where I made my Sound the Bells! free, hence its Echo copy was free as well giving me a literal OTK as I spent a solid few minutes spam playing it on my lone minion.  All I am looking for are other people to post images of their stupid OTKs.  I have seen some fairly stupid ones but which one takes the cake?  The higher the RNG the better but I would prefer none of the spell that spams random targeting Pyroblasts.

Free Ding Dong.PNG


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Death Knight OTK.  Whole game I would get counter RNGd by the Greater Arcane Missles sniping my Riders left and right but he finally ran out of luck...


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