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BM Hunter Azurite Gear

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I guess I'm too new/made too few comments to comment on the guide for BM hunter directly, apologies for filing here, but perhaps my new status means my comment warrants general discussion first.

Getting the right Azurite Powers for BM hunter is important. This is not explicitly stated in the guide, but it is shown through sims. The process of turning those sims into actionable advice for BM hunters takes some time, calculator bottom of page uses 8.0 data. I pored through sims/gear available in 8.2 and want to pass on what I learned. 6 traits to look out for: Rapid Reload, Dance of Death, Primal Instincts, Undulating Tides, Overwhelming Power, Haze of Rage. Overwhelming Power is a junior partner. Haze and Rapid Reload are mutually exclusive. If your azurite piece does not contain 2 of those 5 powers, pass on it. Aim for at least 2 useful powers on all 3 pieces for a total of 6/6 powers available to you. There are 3 pieces that have 2 useful powers on outer rings with with overwhelming Power on middle ring so in theory you could be 9/9 but that involves having haze of rage and rapid reload on same build. Might be a good general purpose build. 30k titanium residue should be more than enough to get good gear from ethereal to put together 'correct' azurite powers for any encounter without needing to reforge.

I'd argue best all around/ideal to shoot for is: 3 stacks of Rapid Reload. 2 stacks of Dance of Death. 1 Primal Fury. 1 Overwhelming Power. That appears to be optimal multitarget build. Getting an optimal single target build would involve discarding importance of Rapid Reload and adding Haze of Rage. Still only 5 different powers worth stacking. And overwhelming isn't well, that overwhelming. If we count overwhelming as good and worth getting, then from my notes, here is best combo that gets you 8/8 single target: 2 haze, 2 dance, 2 primal, 2 over. (Uses Silivaz's Skullguard). There is no easy way to get 3 stacks of dance and 3 stacks of primal. You have to get Azsh'ari Stormsurger Vest, a specific piece of benthic gear.

I'd argue having 2 good traits on an azurite piece 30 ilvls lower is better than a piece with 1 good trait especially if the missing trait is rapid reload. The difference between a 445 and 415 chest piece is ~200 agility, ~350 stamina and azurite powers. Having the right powers is more important.

All gear in Eternal Palace has 2/5 traits. I didn't look into Benthic much or Warfront gear, that's hard to farm, not looking at engineering pieces either. I'll list the M dungeon gear (minus Mechagon) to look out for below. There are only 6 types of head, shoulders, and chests available. You have a 1/6 chance of getting 415 versions of these pieces for only 1725 Titanium Residue from ethereal at xmog shop. It's the only place you can spend Titanium Residue so why save it? Gamble away! 

Head:             Temple of Sethraliss   -     Sethraliss' Fanged Helm                             - rapid, dance, over

Shoulder:      Freehold                        -     Gaping Maw Shoulder Guard                    - primal, rapid

Shoulder:      Tol Dagor                       -     Cannoneer's Mantle                                   -  dance, primal                         (single target)

Shoulder:      Underrot                        -     Amalgamated Abomination Spaulders   - haze, dance, over                   (single target)

Chest:            Shrine of the Storm      -    Hauberk of Sunken Despair                      - haze/rapid, dance                            

Chest:            Motherload                    -    Shrapnel Dampening Chestguard            - dance/primal, rapid               

Chest:           Temple of Sethraliss      -    Corrupted Hexxer's Vestments                 - haze, primal, over                  (single target)

Mechagon shoulders are good for single target, they're 'dance, primal' but cannot be obtained gambling from ethereal.

Point is, I think BM hunter is a class that's supposed to be elitist about Azurite Gear. Don't take my word for it, just look at the sims on the page:


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