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[A] <Treachery> | Sulfuras | NA PvP | Tuesday 10 PM - 1 AM | One Night Raiding

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The Treachery gaming community is now recruiting for World of Warcraft Classic!


As a guild/community, we were established over a decade ago, with a lot of the founding members still being active and part of guild leadership. As the years have passed, we have transformed, evolved and adapted into our current iteration: An active community that currently raids on World of Warcraft Retail, among other games, and is making our debut on World of Warcraft Classic!


Who is Treachery Recruiting?


As of now, most of our Retail guild will be joining us on Classic. However, due to the increased raid size from Retail to Classic, recruitment is fairly open as of now. Players with raid experience are certainly preferred, but all candidates will be considered. Our recruitment needs will be updated as time goes on to ensure our raid composition is solid. As we are a tight knit community, we also prefer players who want to be part of a long term team. 


What is Treachery recruiting for?


Our primary focus will be spent leveling, gearing, attuning and getting ready for Molten Core. As phases are rolled out, our goal is to progress through the content as it is released. We achieve this on Retail and we are pushing for the same on Classic.


How can I apply to Treachery?


We have created a simple application and interview process to see if we are right for each other. Please apply at <https://www.treacheryguild.com/> by clicking on “Apply Classic”. No account is required to apply. Please allow up to 24 hours us to review your application.

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