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[Classic] [EU-PvP-Golemagg-Alliance] ⛵ Theramore Boating Club ⛵

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 Theramore Boating Club 

[EU-PvP-Golemagg | Alliance | Semi-Hardcore] https://tinyurl.com/y5gc5ccb


We are a semi-hardcore guild comprised of friendly, supportive players from all over Europe and run by experienced guild leaders who have over 10 years of guild leading experience with high level progress throughout many expansions. Our BFA sister guild, The Lost Legionnaires, was formed in 2010 and has been active ever since.  You might have seen us on the stress test as ‘Classic Fanatics’.


We intend to nurture a guild where we can reach for high level PVE/PVP goals but also reach for an environment that allows anybody, new or experienced, to accomplish these too. In the first few months our plan is to create an environment where all players have the freedom to enjoy levelling at their own pace, whilst also engaging in pre-raid endgame content for more competitive players.
Once we have a stable roster and can begin raiding we will aim for steady progression where we can begin new content at each phase as they are released. We will be using a Suicide Kings system with a Loot Council override for certain items.

We are raiding Thursday/Sunday 20:00-23:00 with the possibility of longer times and/or an extra day.


We are looking for both new and experienced players to join our community. We will assist new players who wish to engage in end-game content where we can, and encourage experienced players to share their knowledge wherever possible. If you are friendly, supportive, able to have a laugh and have a good attitude - we’d love for you to join us!

For those who wish to join, use this link https://discord.gg/eJtppGC or contact Makkatack#2756 or Natog#4600 on Discord for questions.
You can also check out our Guild Manual, https://tinyurl.com/y5gc5ccb for more information.

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