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WoW Classic Realms Population Report: August 28th

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Blizzard opened 8 new realms last night in Europe and 4 in the US. Check out our latest report for more details!

Welcome to our daily population report. Yesterday's report was inaccurate due to a bug caused by some outlier realms skewing the algorithm. The display bug was only recently fixed in the latest hotfixes. Therefore, we're only listing the current population of all realms and no changes.

Check out our WoW Classic Realm Population Hub for the latest information!


Blizzard launched a total of 8 new realms last in the EU last night:

  • Ashbringer - PvP - English
  • Dreadmist - PvP - English
  • Skullflame - PvP - English
  • Ten Storms - PvP - English
  • Dragon's Call - PvP - German
  • Lakeshire - Normal - German
  • Transcendence - PvP - German
  • Finkle - PvP - French

English Realms

Realm Name Type Population
Ashbringer *new* PvP Medium
Dreadmist *new* PvP Medium
Firemaw PvP Full
Flamelash PvP Full
Gandling PvP Full
Gehennas PvP Full
Golemagg PvP Full
Hydraxian Waterlords RP Medium
Mirage Raceway Normal High
Mograine PvP Full
Nethergarde Keep Normal Medium
Noggenfogger PvP Full
Pyrewood Village Normal Full
Razorgore PvP Full
Shazzrah PvP Full
Skullflame *new* PvP Medium
Stonespine PvP Medium
Ten Storms *new* PvP Medium
Zandalar Tribe RPPvP Full

German Realms

Realm Name Type Population
Dragon's Call *new* PvP Medium
Everlook Normal Full
Lakeshire *new* Normal Medium
Lucifron PvP Full
Patchwerk PvP Medium
Razorfen Normal High
Transcendence *new* PvP Medium
Venoxis PvP Full

French Realms

Realm Name Type Population
Amnennar PvP Full
Auberdine Normal High
Finkle *new* PvP Medium
Sulfuron PvP Full

Russian Realms

Realm Name Type Population
Wyrmthalak PvP Full
Flamegor PvP Full
Rhok’delar *new* PvP Medium
Chromie Normal Medium

US Realms

Four new realms opened in the US region overnight.

  • Azuresong - Normal - Pacific
  • Benediction - PvP - Eastern
  • Thunderfury - PvP - Pacific
  • Windseeker - Normal - Eastern
Realm Name Type Population
Ashkandi Normal Low
Atiesh Normal Medium
Azuresong *new* Normal Low
Benediction *new* PvP Low
Bigglesworth PvP Medium
Blaumeux PvP Medium
Bloodsail Buccaneers RP Medium
Deviate Delight RPPvP Low
Faerlina PvP Full
Fairbanks PvP Medium
Grobbulus RPPvP Medium
Herod PvP Full
Incendius PvP Medium
Kirtonos PvP Medium
Kromcrush PvP Medium
Kurinnaxx PvP Low
Mankrik Normal Medium
Myzrael Normal Medium
Old Blanchy Normal Low
Pagle Normal Medium
Rattlegore PvP Low
Skeram PvP Medium
Smolderweb PvP Low
Stalagg PvP High
Sulfuras PvP Medium
Thalnos PvP Medium
Thunderfury *new* PvP Low
Westfall Normal Medium
Whitemane PvP High
Windseeker *new* Normal Low


Realm Name Type Population
Arugal PvP Full
Felstriker PvP Low
Remulos Normal Medium
Yojamba PvP High

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I clearly didn't read the post explaining how server size is decided. If you're reading this and also confused why your medium pop server has a 4 hour queue at 1pm EST, look back a few posts and there's a breakdown about how they are dynamically sized relative to the most populated servers

Edited by Prowlz

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      News image source: Marta Nael via ArtStation.
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