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<Level Up> [A] |Whitemane| Tues/Wed/Thurs | 9:30 PM - 12:30 AM EST| Loot-Council

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Level Up is now recruiting for Classic Progression

Level up has now been formed and is focused on progression through Classic Wow. Our core group consists of many old school raiders who progressed throughout the came including a pre BC Kel Thuzad Kill. Were looking to pick up where we left off with a solid group of players.


Who is Level Up Recruiting?


As of now, we are looking for any and all dedicated members who are looking to take progression seriously.

What is Level Up recruiting for?


Our primary focus will be spent leveling, gearing, attuning and getting ready for Molten Core. As phases are rolled out, our goal is to progress through the content as it is released. We achieve this on Retail and we are pushing for the same on Classic.


How can I apply to Level Up?

Reach out to myself or any other officers online at any time.




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