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Sanctuary 3 - Your Home Base in BL3

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You'll be visiting 5 planets in Borderlands 3, but you'll always have the same base of operations - your spaceship home, Sanctuary 3. As you find new people to bring on the ship it will get more and more packed with all the utility you'd want from a base, from shops where you can buy and sell weapons, upgrade your ammo and grenade capacity, put some trophies on your wall, respec or change your look, shoot dummies, buy inventory and bank upgrades and much more.

Of particular interest is the new feature where you can recover any loot you didn't pick up/missed on your previous visits to the planets, and your own personal room where you can mount your favorite weapons on the wall for both easy access and decor (in addition to actual decor for your room you can buy aboard as well)! Also there's Moxxi's bar where you can gamble on 4 different types of slot machines, using cash or eridium. Also also, Claptrapisbuildinghimselfagirlfriendohgodno.

There's a lot more stuff aboard the ship, so check out this detailed preview, covering all the areas of your home in BL3.

Blizzard LogoSanctuary 3 (source)

When warping around the Borderlands 3 universe visiting different planets in pursuit of the nefarious Calypso Twins, you need a sweet ride worthy of your badass Vault Hunter. Fortunately, Lilith and the Crimson Raiders have just the thing: Sanctuary III, a full-on spaceship that can cross the galaxy in mere moments and has plenty of room for your ragtag crew. Think of Sanctuary III as your main base of operations in Borderlands 3, where you can chat with crucial characters, take a quick break between intense missions, or marvel at the majesty of entire planets viewed from orbit and dream about how much loot must be down there.

Sanctuary III will change with you over the course of Borderlands 3's story campaign, as you recruit new allies and complete Crew Challenges for a host of friendly faces who'll be instantly familiar to Borderlands veterans. Poking around the ship might even turn up a few ECHO logs that provide precious bits of backstory for our intrepid Vault Hunters Amara, FL4K, Moze, and Zane. There are three main levels to Sanctuary III, and we're taking a look at the ship from top to bottom so you can get a sense for its best hotspots and hangouts.


Deck A - Upper level

At the top of Sanctuary III, you can survey the wonders of space from the Bridge and do your best impression of a spaceship captain. You'll usually find Lilith, renowned Siren and commander of the Crimson Raiders, hanging out on the Bridge and planning your team's next move. This is where you can use the hologram-projecting Hyperspace Terminal to chart a course for planets like Promothea, Eden-6, and Athenas, then watch the stars scream by as your ship makes an interstellar jump to your destination.

The Infirmary doubles as a laboratory for the eccentric Patricia Tannis, an expert on Eridian artifacts and all manner of unorthodox research. Tannis' weird science often takes precedence over your personal health, so if you need to top off your HP, you'll need to help yourself to Tannis' spare supply of HP-restoring hypos or hit up the nearby Dr. Zed's Meds vending machine.


Relive the adrenaline highs of past hunts in Hammerlock's Trophy Room, where Sir Alistair Hammerlock sips tea and admires all the creature heads mounted on the walls. Every time you encounter and slay a particularly rare beast for Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt missions, you'll be adding a new showpiece to the collection that comes complete with a little description highlighting your hunting prowess.

Deck B - Mid level

Kick back and admire all the magnificent loot you've collected in the Crew Quarters, where your Vault Hunter has a room all their own. In the Crew Quarters' common area, you'll find a Fast Travel station that acts as your landing pad whenever you return to Sanctuary III, along with a Quick-Change Station so you can easily tweak your Vault Hunter's appearance or respec your skill points to try out a fresh build. There's also the brand new Lost Loot Machine, which stores an assortment of precious items you might've forgotten to pick up in the heat of battle, then spits them out on command so you don't have to miss out on would-be item upgrades.


Inside your room, you'll find your very own Player Bank vault, where you can store items to free up inventory space or transfer them to another character—perfect for those times when you pick up a powerful Class Mod your current Vault Hunter can't use. If you have a personal favorite weapon you don't intend to wield for the moment, it doesn't need to sit in your bank gathering dust: you can mount a curated collection of items on the walls. Each of the four Vault Hunters have laid out their rooms in a unique way; FL4K has a litter box for their pet Spiderant, Amara made sure to pack a punching bag, and so on. But you can customize your crib even further by adorning your room with various decorations that you can buy from vendors or even pick up during your travels. Conveniently, the Crew Quarters floor plan has four rooms—one for each player during co-op, so you can check out how your fellow Vault Hunters have made their lodgings feel like home.


Every experienced mercenary knows Marcus Munitions, the storefront of profits-obsessed arms dealer Marcus Kincaid. You'll find Marcus flanked by his signature GUN$ and Ammo Dump vending machines for all your arsenal needs, but he's added some crucial items to his wares in Borderlands 3: Storage Deck Upgrades. By purchasing SDU chips with cash, you can expand your carrying capacity for all ammo types and grenades, along with adding more slots to your backpack inventory, bank, and even the Lost Loot Machine. Purchasing SDUs as your Vault Hunter grows stronger is a must, which is fantastic news for Marcus and his money-grubbing ways.

Below Marcus' shop, you can visit the shooting range, a gunslinging minigame that gives you a limited time to blast a series of creature cutouts. Aspiring sharpshooters can try for high scores in Normal and Challenge modes, or you can just fire off a few rounds and test a new weapon in a low-stakes setting. Marcus Munitions is also near the Golden Chest, a glimmering treasure trove that always offers a bundle of great loot suited for your Vault Hunter's current character level. The Golden Chest can only be opened with Golden Keys, which you'll find sprinkled around the Internet's many Borderlands-related spaces.


After a rough day on the battlefield, a trip to Moxxxi's is all you need to lift your spirits. This combination bar/nightclub/casino is one of the many establishments owned and operated by Moxxi, who entertains her guests while doling out frequent flirtations and endless innuendos. If you're in the mood for some intergalactic games of chance, you can try your luck at Moxxi's slot machines; Loot Boxer, Cash Trap, and Tink's Hijinx take cash for a chance at various rewards, while the Vault Line machine can only be played by spending precious Eridium. Big risk, big rewards, so the saying goes.

Deck C - Lower level

The Cargo Bay is the biggest room on Sanctuary III, housing three wildly unalike crew members living in semi-harmony. It mainly serves as a makeshift garage for your unmatched mechanic Ellie, who will proudly display any vehicles and upgrade parts you collect in the field. Claptrap has his own closet-sized room down in the Cargo Bay, where he's assembling a new friend piece by piece using salvaged parts from the dead Claptrap units that litter the galaxy.


You'll also find a strange stowaway who's barricaded himself behind a giant door: Crazy Earl, the babbling, big-headed vendor who only deals in Eridium shards. Crazy Earl sells all manner of cosmetics in Borderlands 3—Vault Hunter Heads and Skins, Emotes, ECHO themes, Trinkets, Weapon Skins, and Room Decorations—purchasable exclusively with the Eridium shards you’ll discover during your adventures through the Borderlands. He's also done you the kindness of putting the Veteran Rewards vending machine just outside his door, which only takes Eridium but offers some supremely powerful weapons with the Anointed trait, offering improved Action Skills that might only apply to a specific Vault Hunter.

That's a general overview of who and what you'll find aboard Sanctuary III, but your crew will expand and grow along with your Vault Hunter throughout Borderlands 3. For more need-to-know info ahead of Borderlands 3's launch on September 13, check out the Official Guide to the Borderlands.

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      The cloud save issue that has cost some players quite a lot of game time has been resolved, as Gearbox and 2k have released a hotfix that addresses it. After going in-depth and explaining how conflicts can arise between local and cloud saves, they also clarified what's been happening, as a pop-up window that asks you to either use local or cloud saves hasn't been showing up in some cases:

      Cloud Saves (source)
      We have received reports of an issue with the Cloud Saves feature that can cause some players to lose their save data for Borderlands 3. We have identified the following chain of events that result in this issue:
        You play on Machine A offline or with Cloud Saves not enabled. You then play on Machine B online, realize your save from machine A has not transferred, and then quit the game. Then, you swap back to play on Machine A online, pulling down the empty profile from Machine B. When this happens, the screen pop-up shown above displays, to help resolve the conflict between the save states. However, we have identified a bug in which that screen is not always appearing.
      We have shipped a hotfix that addresses this bug. This screen will help ensure players are able to choose their preferred and correct save states going forward. Now, whether this is the only cloud save issue players have been having or just one of several is yet to be seen, as Borderlands 2 had issues with Steam's cloud save system pretty much until today.

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      We have some news from the statistics division, as it seems Borderlands 3 is quite the hit, despite only being available on the Epic store on PC. Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford has tweeted about concurrent player numbers on the PC several times now, and on launch day the numbers were double of what Borderlands 2 had at its peak! After that the number just kept on rising each day and they aren't stopping yet.
      Borderlands 2 had a peak concurrent user count of around 124,000 players according to Steamcharts, which may not sound like a lot, but we do know that the game sold 13 million copies over its lifetime (although that's including the various console versions). With that in mind, the fact that the audience is doubled on PC, despite the drama surrounding the Epic store, means that it's doing really well.
      So, it seems those waiting for a Steam release either aren't that numerous, or the game is going to get another huge surge in 6 months, making it even bigger than it already is. You can check out my first impressions of the game here in case you were still on the fence about it.

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    • By Starym
      BL3 has arrived and I've finally gotten to play it. With around 8 hours playtime I'm just going to write up my first impressions of the game and the new systems. I managed to get to level 13 and am only on the second planet, playing as Zane the Operative and his digistruct clone action skill, doing pretty much all the sidequests available.

      An early "build", I decided to go for walking shotguns and static grenades, courtesy of the Tediore reload.
      First things first, I got into the game a whopping 5 minutes before it was actually scheduled to launch, and then promptly lost more time than that by selecting the wrong Vault Hunter (and finding out that, yes, just like in BL1 and 2, the entire intro cutscene is unskippable). Once actually in the game it was very much apparent how much better the combat was - the gunplay, enemies and animations are on par, if not above pretty much all modern shooters. I play a lot of Destiny 2, and I'd call that a solid benchmark for great gunplay, and BL3 is definitely up there, except with way more weapon variety. The next huge thing I immediately noticed was just how much simple movement upgrades change things - the impact of sliding and vaulting/climbing on to and over surfaces cannot be overstated. Suddenly every crate, small building or rock outcropping becomes something to climb on to and the game gains a huge sense of verticality, whereas 1 and 2 were quite flat (and it removes those frustrating scenes of not being able to jump over 1M high fences entirely). Meanwhile sliding makes running away when things get too tricky much more dynamic as well, as you slide into and across cover as everything explodes around you, not to mention sliding into enemies faces and shotgunning them to the floor.

      Just your average everyday slide up some stairs.
      The gunplay is enhanced by the new knockback system, where any shot that's powerful enough will either knock back or knock down the enemy, basically stunning them for a few seconds or more. Aside from being very useful in combat, it also looks great and adds some advanced dynamics, especially when you toss a grenade into several enemies and they all go flying to the floor. Shotguns become the most enjoyable weapon ever, as they have a big knockdown effect (I'm still not exactly sure what the "kockback/down stat" is - atm I'm assuming it's simply amount of damage within a very short time). This emphasizes the close range shotgun + melee type of combat I very much enjoy, as you can throw enemies to the floor with 1 or 2 shotgun blasts, then go melee > shotgun > melee etc until they're dead. One of the more satisfying moments so far was using Zane's clone to draw an enemy or two to him and then teleport to the clone's location, now being directly in front of the enemies with shotgun ready and blasting their face in.

      You can only knock an enemy down once in a short period of time.
      The biggest negative so far would be the fast travel system, which you can now use from anywhere. Technically it should be one of those good thing bad thing issues, but despite the fact it does cut down on tedious running back from quests it also makes a lot of them feel a little grindy. Usually when you were done with a quest you'd have to run back, and while doing that you'd look around, find a chest or collectible, get a feeling of the zone and get into even more combat encounters and so on. Fast travel from anywhere always makes a game feel smaller, despite the convenience. It's especially saddening when there are more things to find out in the world than ever before - some again unfortunately marked on the map when you get in their general vicinity, and some completely obscured. I've already found several locations and landmarks that I can't access but are clearly something, and despite the fact that I'm sure they're just later/endgame activities, they still piqued my interest and made the world feel much more alive.

      I'm presuming this is one of those Proving Grounds/dungeons that open later in the game, but it was still cool finding this hidden on the map.
      A short note on the writing: it's definitely much weaker than in BL2, but it's still the same style and I genuinely laughed a few times. The side quests so far have been mostly pretty weak and uninteresting, with a few really bad ones (hi coffee and burgers in a war zone quests), while the main story is also a bit flat so far (the Calypsos got nothin' on Handsome Jack). Now all of this just adds up to it being average or slightly above average video game writing/story, definitely not enough to lessen my enjoyment (although it did make me a bit nostalgic for BL2 and the DLCs in particular, those really had some stellar writing). Claptrap is still his old self, which I always enjoy, and I'd say he's definitely the highlight so far, with Vaughn being pretty solid as well. What is still great are the dying words of the psychos, from the usual murder party lines to a deep philosophical one like "It ends with silence." or just weird ones like "Kill the elderly." (how did they know I was over 35?!?!). That last one I believe is due to me playing Zane, who's supposed to be this older spy whose retirement consists of endlessly killing bandits.
      The quality of life improvements also affect the experience a lot more than I'd expect, as auto-pickup of ammo, cash and medpacks upon opening a chest and similar really make the game feel more smooth, especially since you'll be running out of ammo in the middle of gunfights all the time and will be running around and scrounging chests like a madman while being shot at. Some of the new features aren't that noticeable however, like the destructible cover system which sounded amazing. It doesn't really get used at all, since the battles are way too hectic and you're constantly moving around flanking, jumping etc, but it may come into play at (much) higher difficulties in the endgame. The ground slam is also basically useless, and I only used it once due to a quest requiring it.

      For those of you that played Tales from the Borderlands, you'll understand why this one really got me.
      The stars here are the guns, obviously, and they've massively improved them. The manufacturer alt-fire system is pretty solid, but I haven't gotten enough weapons to really judge it. The ones that just switch from burst fire to auto and semi-auto are a bit lackluster, the shotguns with shields are ok but don't really add any interaction, while the tracking bullet ones are actually pretty interesting and require some thought on when to use. The lack of ammo in this early stage is an amazing thing, as it forces you to actually use appropriate weapons for appropriate targets, and even switch out guns when you run out. The Maliwan dual elements is actually one of the more interesting mechanics, as you always need more elements, and having shock on hand for shields and switching to fire (which is still insanely powerful) is very handy.
      I'm really liking the buildcrafting, even this early on (I have 11 skillpoints and am on the third tier of skills), is pretty good. I already have an actual build - I run and slide into melee, empty my shotgun with a few punches thrown in, spawn my digi-clone, run away to reload and shoot with some longer ranged weapons, just before it expires I teleport back in, trigger a nova and clean things up with the shotgun again. My clone also throws a grenade when he spawns and I have a 16% chance to get a free throw myself with the first bullet of each magazine, which is very handy since I already got a legendary! My first one in the game, it dropped from my one and only roll on the eridium slot machine, and despite the fact that legendaries are very powerful, this particular grenade really doesn't fit my style as you have to hit an enemy with it directly for it to have a solid effect. This is pretty difficult for me since my clone doesn't really have any level of aim and when I auto-shoot, the grenade doesn't always go where the bullet went. Still though, it's a very fun build which bodes very well for the later game ones.

      The Widowmaker legendary grenade mod, once you actually hit someone with it and it splits into 3 seeking fireballs.
      I also noticed the Annointed weapons (they affect your action skill in various ways) which you can actually get as soon as you reach Sanctuary around level 6-10, as they're bought for eridium and you'll have plenty of it if you explore a bit. They seem to be very build-defining, especially for Zane since he can have two action skills at once (which is why I chose to play with him as my first character). The abilities they add range from simple "reload your gun after using an action skill", to "additional damage on your next 2 magazines after using an action skill" and the much more powerful "while Barrier is active, you gain 60% accuracy and 30% crit damage". I still have to find out if you have to have that particular gun in your hands for the effect to trigger (I'm assuming yes) or if you can stack 4 and get the benefit of all of them (I'm assuming no way in hell). Considering I haven't even unlocked the class mod or artifact slots (although I did get some dropped, bizzarely), I'd say the longevity and width of buildcrafting in the game is going to be very impressive and I can't wait to get further.
      In closing, I really REALLY don't want to stop playing the game, and am pondering skipping sleep altogether today, and even feel a slight animosity towards all of you reading this, because I had to spend time writing it :D. The game is incredibly solid and I don't really see a way it'll get worse from here on. I wanted to talk about a lot more as well, but looking back, I've already typed way too much for a simple first impressions article. If you were on the fence at all on this game and anything I wrote above sounds interesting/fun to you, I can only recommend it immensely. Also, considering how fun I'm finding buildcrafting to be, I may even write up a guide or two for some fun builds when I get to endgame.
      Starym talks about his first 8 hours in the game and is impressed by the gameplay, less by the writing.
    • By Starym
      Borderlands 3 is just over an hour from launch and if you're like me, you're getting very impatient and just need something to read or watch to get to that 1:00 AM CEST mark! Luckily we have both Gearbox and a couple of youtube videos giving us some tips and things we should know before we get started!
      You can also check out the reviews for the game and launch trailer, the endgame activities, PC specs and graphics options, interactive skill trees, in-depth looks at each Vault Hunter, Sanctuary 3 aka our home base for BL3, the VIP program, some crazy ads for the game, and of course, the exact launch times in your region in case you're unsure!
      But first, let's get to the gearbox tips:
      9 Tips to get you started (source)
      Borderlands 3 is so close, you can practically taste the unbridled mayhem in the air. Perhaps you've already chosen your main Vault Hunter and mapped out your planned skill tree builds for Amara the Siren, FL4K the Beastmaster, Moze the Gunner, and Zane the Operative. You know exactly when you'll be able to start your galactic adventure at launch thanks to the Borderlands 3 release schedule. But there are a few things you might not know about Borderlands 3 that will help you enjoy yourself that much more. Here are nine spoiler-free starter tips to help you be the best Vault Hunter you can be.

      1. Equip a variety of weapons to avoid running out of ammo
      There are over a billion guns in Borderlands 3, but only six types of ammo: Pistol, Assault, SMG, Shotgun, Sniper, and Heavy. To ensure that you don't chew through your ammo stocks and come up empty at the worst possible moment, always bring a variety of weapons into battle. For instance, even if you have two pistols you particularly love, it's better to pick one and store the other in your Backpack than risk equipping two weapons that'll run dry at the same time. As you continue to level up, be sure to visit Marcus aboard Sanctuary III and buy some of his Storage Deck Upgrades (SDUs) to expand your carrying capacity.
      2. You can now use Fast Travel from anywhere
      As with previous Borderlands games, Fast Travel stations dot the areas and planets you'll visit in Borderlands 3—but this time, they're not the only means of warping around. Borderlands 3 lets you teleport from anywhere to any previously discovered Fast Travel station or even your most recently used vehicle, all via the map in your ECHO device. That includes Fast Travel stations on other planets, too; once you've discovered a station anywhere in the galaxy, you can travel there instantly without needing to warp back to Sanctuary III first.

      3. Choosing the correct elemental damage type during combat makes a big difference
      Depending on what type of enemy you're up against, your choice of elemental weapons can be the difference between tearing your target to shreds or barely making a dent. There are five elemental damage types in Borderlands 3: Incendiary, Shock, Corrosive, Cryo, and Radiation. The first three types are most effective when matched to an enemy's color-coded health bar: Incendiary damage tears through Flesh represented by red health bars, Shock decimates Shields shown as blue health bars, and Corrosive will melt through Armor denoted by yellow health bars. All elemental damage with the exception of Cryo will also deal respectable damage-over-time.
      Cryo and Radiation weapons aren't designed to take down specific enemy types, but they're still highly useful for their utility. The icy blasts of Cryo guns will slow their targets, eventually freezing them solid; this is particularly handy when you need to isolate an enemy for some focused fire or keep a melee attacker at bay. Radiation can cause your target to become Irradiated, creating a noxious damage-over-time cloud that also affects nearby enemies. It can quickly nuke big groups if you successfully cause an Irradiated chain reaction: when an Irradiated enemy dies they'll explode for immediate area-of-effect damage and a chance to Irradiate any nearby baddies.
      4. Equip Class Mods for more skill choices
      Class Mods are class-specific pieces of gear that grant a variety of bonuses when equipped. Typically these bonuses come in the form of points on skill trees, which can afford you access to abilities and buffs that you haven't actually invested points into, or put you over the usual cap for skills that you've already maxed out. Note that it's only possible to equip Class Mods after you complete a specific mission on Promethea, so if you find any before then, you should store them for safekeeping in your Player Bank found in Sanctuary III's Crew Quarters.

      5. Be sure to reposition yourself during Fight For Your Life
      Successfully scoring a kill during the downed Fight For Your Life state will bring you back from the brink of death, but you may sometimes find yourself stuck in a bad spot during FFYL without a clear line of sight to fire at nearby enemies. In Borderlands 3, all Vault Hunters can now crawl around during FFYL, giving you a better chance of lining up the perfect shot that ultimately saves your life with a Second Wind recovery. Friendly NPCs are also able to revive you, so crawl towards any who are nearby to increase your odds of survival.
      6. Use the new Mark Target action to express yourself
      Whether you're playing with friends who all have voice chat enabled or teaming up with randoms in multiplayer matchmaking, communication is key for co-op success. The new Mark Target command in Borderlands 3 is the perfect way to call out points of interest in co-op, as it instantly highlights your target with a relevant icon. Mark Target is particularly helpful when you want to rally your group against a tough enemy, helpfully highlight an ammo crate, call dibs on a loot chest, or just temporarily mark an interesting spot in your environment.
      7. Vehicles you encounter are yours for the taking
      You're always free to explore Borderlands 3 on foot, but grabbing a set of wheels is a quicker way to reach quest objectives or new points of interest. You can always digistruct a vehicle at any Catch-A-Ride station, but there's also the option of a quick hijacking if aggressive bandit drivers get too close. There are even some elusive vehicles tucked away on certain planets, which appear as purple models on your minimap; if you can reach these custom vehicles and successfully drive them to a Catch-A-Ride in one piece, Ellie will reverse-engineer their modifications for use in your own car collection. If you ever need to make a quick getaway or want to hit some sick air off a makeshift ramp, make sure to hit the boosters, which by default are mapped to Left Bumper/L1 on controllers and Left Shift on keyboards.

      8. Check your mail for weapon manufacturers' loyalty rewards
      The weapons manufacturers of the Borderlands universe are all eager for your business, and they like to keep tabs on your accomplishments in Borderlands 3. When you hit certain milestones using a manufacturer's gear, there's a good chance they'll reward your brand loyalty with a little thank-you gift sent via the in-game mail system. To receive your reward, go to the Social section of the pause menu, then click the Mail tab to peruse your complementary goodies. The in-game mail system is also how you'll receive any weapons you've earned via the Vault Insider Program.
      9. Mayhem Mode continues the challenge after you beat the campaign
      On your space-faring quest to stop the twisted Calypso Twins, you'll encounter tons of optional side missions offering extra XP, helpful loot, and self-contained storylines featuring unforgettable characters. But if you miss or skip some these missions during your journey only to realize that you greatly outlevel them later on, don't worry—the entire universe can be scaled up to match your current level while Mayhem Mode is active, ensuring that all missions provide a suitable challenge. If you really want to test your mettle, you should also revisit any Proving Grounds and Circle of Slaughter arenas you've discovered with Mayhem Mode enabled. Mayhem Mode is unlocked once you've finished all the main story missions; check out our PAX West reveals to learn more.
      There's plenty more to discover for yourself in Borderlands 3, but these tips should help give you an edge in the battle against the Children of the Vault. For more need-to-know info ahead of Borderlands 3's launch on September 13, check out the Official Guide to the Borderlands.
      And then it's on to some videos, starting with Dantics' spoiler free tips!
      I hope to see you in-game in about an hour or so! And in case you were wondering about our guides, it'll take a while to play through the game itself, so they'll be up just as soon as we can get the necessary info.
    • By Starym
      With just 2 days to go until Borderlands 3 arrives we're getting to see the game once more, as the official BL channel will be streaming the game at midnight PT/9 am CET today! You can check out the exact launch times for the game here.

      In addition, we got the final version of the cover art, expanded upon with many more details, vault hunters, allies and enemies, as the Masterpiece of Mayhem:
      Masterpiece of Mayhem (source)
      If the Children of the Vault cultists from Borderlands 3 had their own chapel, the Masterpiece of Mayhem would adorn its hallowed heart. For your enrichment, we proudly present this most blessed piece of fine art in all its glory, immortalizing the many heroes and villains of Borderlands 3. Witness the valiance of FL4K the Beastmaster, Moze the Gunner, Zane the Operative, and Amara the Siren, the four Vault Hunters who have what it takes to save the galaxy. Resist the urge to worship The Calypso Twins, Tyreen and Troy, as they tempt you with their wicked influencer ways. Bend thy knee in reverence of his holiness Psycho Steve, and whisper a dutiful "Heyooo!" under your breath. We can't guarantee that the Masterpiece of Mayhem will or will not imbue your life with complete and total enlightenment, but there's only one way to find out.
      Click the image below to feast your eyes on this marvelous work in high resolution. If you'd like to see the individual Murals of Mayhem that make up the complete Masterpiece, you can find them over on our Downloads page.

      Once you've finished weeping hot tears of exalted joy, bask in the radiance of the Borderlands 3 Official Cinematic Launch Trailer, then Meet the Borderlands 3 Composers and get a taste of the game's wondrous soundtrack.
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