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WoW Classic - [Alliance] <Chill Casual> [Kirtonos] [Raids Sat/Sun 8-11pm]

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< Chill Casual > [Alliance] [Kirtonos] consists of a core group of people that have been playing together since classic has been out. Our core is made of older people late 20’s/early 30’s. (We are not a hardcore guild) but we do like to have fun doing everything not just raiding. Such as, World PvP, Battleground groups, 5 mans. The GM has experience in all raids except for the end parts of AQ40 and Naxx.

We are looking for people to join our ranks to raid with on the weekends [Sat/Sun]. This will be our main focus of the guild at 60.

No Classic Raid experience necessary! We welcome newer players willing to learn.

Play how you want, If you want to be a certain class/race combo you can. If you want to min/max you can. All you need to do is listen to what needs to be done for the fight. A thing to note is that we do not freak out if someone messes up once or twice. A very relaxed environment is our goal. That being said we do adjust things as needed.

However, for raid spots. We will favor the people who come to the raid the most prepared. (Example, pots/food buff/ consumables.)

Only Requirement is to be thick skinned

While we won’t yell or freak out during a raid. This guild is not for the faint of heart. Must be able to take jokes.

Our loot system will be Main Spec /roll. Using Master Looter to distribute loot. Only 1 item per raid (unless no one else can use).

We accept all specs and classes for our raiding roster. (Lesser played specs are limited)

We will raid Saturday/Sunday at [8-11PM Eastern - 7-10PM Central - 5-8PM Pacific]

Social’s are welcome to join even if you can’t make the raid times.

(Social’s are non full time raiders, or just want to be part of the guild for 5-mans, leveling or PvP)

If interested, Contact me via

/w Dawi or Troxast in game on Kirtonos

Discord - Impact#1332 & Bnet - Impact#1662

Or apply in discord under the recruitment chat channel


If you have any more questions get in contact with me.

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