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Blackfathom Deeps Quests

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Guest Ruorg


Thank you to whoever wrote this useful guide, it was helpful to me. It says however that it is extremely important to speak with the water elemental in Stonetalon. If I'm not mistaken, that's out of date and not the best advice. I went to Zoram'gar in Wow Classic the other day, at level 27, got all the other quests, googled this guide, saw that it said that I should speak with the elemental, and after finding it wondered why I had been sent to it as it did not have "Trouble at the Deeps" or any BFD quest for me. Reading other comments, it looks like "Trouble at the Deeps" perhaps used to be necessary before Je'Nai would give another quest, but maybe it isn't anymore or something like that. Anyway, maybe that bit about the elemental should be changed so others aren't sent unnecessarily to the elemental . Right now, I have three quests, The Essence of Aku'Mai, Allegiance to the Old Gods (from the damp note,) and Amongst the Ruins. If that's all there is, then the water elemental need not be visited. Hope this helps.

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