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WoW Classic: Getting Around Azeroth (Official)

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After the Stormwind tour from the other day, we're getting another official look at Classic Azeroth (Clazeroth? Classeroth? Azzic? Ok I'm gonna stop now). This time around Blizzard are giving us an overview of the many way of getting around the old world, pre-flight, as players might not be fully aware of all the options.

Blizzard LogoGetting Around (source)

There are various modes of mass transit available to those looking to get around Azeroth. While can gain access to a mount at level 40, collecting enough gold to train the skill and purchase a mount can be an endeavor. Even if you are one of those fortunate to purchase personal transportation, there are many times you’ll need to either board a ship, a zeppelin, take the Deeprun Tram, or hop on a flight path.  In many cases, you may want to travel with your friends as you make your way to zones, dungeons, or even out into the world to take part in some PvP. We’ve pulled together some information on each of these to help you make the most of your time in WoW® Classic.

Deeprun Tram

Located in the very heart of Alliance territory, the Deeprun Tram provides quick transportation between the capital cities of Stormwind and Ironforge—for free! To get to the tram, you’ll need to pass through the Dwarven District in Stormwind and Tinker Town in Ironforge.

Travel at your own risk! While some modes of transport are restricted to one faction or the other (such as most flight paths) the tram, zeppelins, and boats can technically be used by both. Getting into, onto, and out of each can be a tricky proposition and will put you at risk of encountering guards and—of course—other players who may not appreciate your presence. You have been warned.


Zeppelins provide free transportation for the Horde. These airships can travel greater distances, including across The Great Sea between the continents.

Tip: When in doubt as to which zeppelin travels to which location, you can ask the Zeppelin Master. Both the Orgrimmar and Undercity zeppelin towers are located just outside of the city.

Available Zeppelin Routes:

Zeppelin Tower Location

Destinations Available

Zeppelin Master






Hin Denburg






Snurk Bucksquick






Squibby Overspeck


There is one neutral boat that is available for both Horde and Alliance which travels between Booty Bay in the Eastern Kingdoms and Ratchet in Kalimdor. Keep in mind that neutral doesn’t equate to “safe” if you’re on a PvP realm.

There are two different boats serving the Alliance located in Darkshore. One of these travels to Rut’theran in Teldrassil and is your way out of the night elf starting area and into Kalimodor. The other boat goes to Menethil Harbor in the Eastern Kingdoms.

An additional Alliance boat in Menethil Harbor travels to Theramore Isle in Kalimdor. For those on a PvP realm, this boat might be your safest option to reach The Barrens.

Flight Paths

Unlike boats, zeppelins, and the Deeprun Tram, you’ll need to pay for travel when you use a flight path. This can be potentially costly when you’re at lower levels and trying to pay for skills, buy new equipment, and more. You’ll also need to discover and learn the flight path which means the long run to each location and clicking on the flight master friendly to your faction. 


Alliance Flight Paths

Kalimdor Destinations


Eastern Kingdoms Destinations


  • Astranaar


  • Aerie Peak

The Hinterlands

  • Auberdine


  • Booty Bay


  • Everlook


  • Darkshore


  • Feathermoon Fortress


  • Ironforge

Dun Morogh

  • Gadgetzan


  • Lakeshire


  • Nighthaven Village


  • Menethil Harbor


  • Nijel’s Point


  • Nethergarde Keep

Blasted Land

  • Ruth’Theran Village


  • Refuge Point


  • Stonetalon Peak

Stonetalon Mountains

  • Sentinel Hill


  • Thalanaar

Thousand Needles

  • Southshore

Elwynn Forest

  • Theramore

Dustwallow Marsh

  • Thelsamar

Loch Modan

  • Theramore

Dustwallow Marsh

  • Cenarion Hold



Horde Flight Paths

Kalimdor Destinations


Eastern Kingdom Destinations


  • Camp Mojache


  • Booty Bay

Stranglethorn Vale

  • Crossroads


  • Grom’gol

Arathi Highlands

  • Everlook


  • Hammerfall

Arathi Highlands

  • Freewind Post

Thousand Needles

  • Kargath


  • Gadgetzan


  • Stonard

Swamp of Sorrows

  • Malaka’jin

Stonetalon Mountains

  • Tarren Mill

Hillsbrad Foothills

  • Orgrimmar


  • The Sepulcher

Silverpine Forest

  • Shadowsprey Village


  • Undercity

Tirisfal Glades

  • Thunder Bluff


  • Cenarion Hold


  • Valormak




A neutral flight path usable by both Horde and Alliance can be found in Marshal's Refuge Un'Goro Crater.

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Rare Patron
10 hours ago, Regnomed said:

One of these travels to Rut’theran in Teldrassil and is your way out of the night elf starting area and into Kalimodor.?

Lol...this typo kinda stinks... ?

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