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The art of Warfare” - Social - [ H ] Judgement EU

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The art of Warfare” - Social - [ H ] Judgement EU
Loot system: A loot council will choose what players deserve items and they then get to /roll. More details about this on our TeamSpeak.
Language: English
Raid Schedule: EU = N/A NA = N/A
Guild Type: Social. Main focus is raiding but casuals and pvpers are more than welcome. PvP events will be organized on off days. We’re a group of people who want to play Classic and have fun! We want to see all the endgame.
<The Art of Warfare> We are a Large and Active Gaming Community, that has over 2700 Members! We currently play over 45 Different games and are looking for more members to join! We have Forums, TS Server and a Website www.TAW.net. For the raiders, we will have some basic demands but nothing to hard or time-consuming.
What we expect from you:
• You want to play Classic WoW. For raiders:
• Attend most raids but we won’t have any specific % requirement.
• Listed on the FL "raidleader"
• a happy mind and have patience What you can expect from us:
• A friendly Community who want to have fun playing the game.
• People from all over the world who can share the experience
• Activity in all levels
For more information join https://discord.gg/U3PpCfx and say hello or check ut www.taw.net! or PM me @tipplit#2778 
TAW World of Warcraft: Classic
13 online40 medlemmar
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