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[A] [Sargeras] [US] LF Mythic Raiders!

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Sensual Seduction
Current Raid Time: Friday - Saturday 9:00PM - 12:00AM CT (Server Time)

Currently Recruiting:
High Need: (Ranged DPS, and Healer)

<Sensual Seduction> (1/8 M EP & /8 H EP) is looking for a few fresh faces to beef up our numbers in order to start Mythic Raiding. We’re a relatively small guild, and we treat our guild members like family. We support each other in all of our WoW related endeavors, whenever possible. We’re excited about all the upcoming raid content, and we’re striving for Mythic content. We’re hungry, we’re ambitious, and we’re dedicated. We run Farm Content on Tuesday and Progression on Friday/Saturday.

What’s Expected

Be friendly. - We’re all adults, just have fun here. We love to joke around in discord between pulls. It gets pretty hilarious!

Be punctual. - 87.5% raid attendance is our goal. We understand family and real life happens. We have a nice system in place to let us know your going to be out. This helps us with knowing we are short ranged, healers or etc.

Be ambitious. - Always be willing to learn and work hard. We all make mistakes. The best thing you can do is learn from that. If you are not sure what is killing your or why you’re not parsing well. Just let us know. We are here to help.

Be focused. - Raid time is raid time. Since we are smaller guild this xpac requires a lot more from us. We just ask to keep discord clear on fights other then that chat away. Raid leaders will let you know when we are pulling.

Be generally friendly. - Again with friendly :slight_smile: A lot of us here are have played together a long time. We know the buttons to push and limits. Feel free to join in talking and learning more about the guild. Someone is running mythic plus ask to join and talk. This will help you and the guild work better together.

After joining the discord or contacting an officer. We will get you in as a trial if everything works out. You are also welcome to trial on our alt night, which is more laid back.

If you’re interested in raiding with us, contact us via either of the methods below. Provide us with the class/spec you’re interested in playing, and let me know what your expectations are from our guild. Our goal is to ensure that both parties are happy.

Contact Information
Cole#1560 or Weric#11336 for more information!

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