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[H][US][Zul'jin]<Zero Fox Given> New Vulpera Casual Raiding Guild!

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[H][US][Zul'jin]<Zero Fox Given> New Vulpera Casual Raiding Guild!

Mission Statement: Looking for a new and interesting challenge for raiding? Do you love the new Horde allied race? <Zero Fox Given> will be an all Vulpera, casual AotC guild. All are welcome as we get ready to either start a new Vulpera at level 20 or race change when 8.3 drops. Vulpera-loving races and alts are welcome, but we will defeat N’Zoth with an all-fox team!

Raid Times (as of 8.3): Tuesday/Wednesday 8pm-11pm EST/Server

Raid Needs: All spots currently still open.

Background: Guild and raid leader has more than a decade's worth of experience leading AotC-equivalent teams, including consecutive AotCs for all raids since the launch of Legion (I took a break during WoD). With the official announcement of Vulpera as an allied race, I saw the creation of a Vulpera-focused guild as a fun new challenge to take on, alongside some long-time friends.

Expectations: Players are welcome to pre-join with any toon they like, whether it's one they plan on race-changing to Vulpera in 8.3 or otherwise. Then come 8.3, we will help max-level raced-changed toons and fresh rerolls alike, to build up a capable Vulpera-only raid team. While certain classes will be off the table with this race restriction, I believe the remaining options are more than sufficient to build a very capable Heroic-level raiding guild. Social members and non-Vulpera alts will be welcome as well, though the latter will not be part of the raid team.

Contacts: So if you like the concept and are looking for a fun drama-free group to hang out with, we may be the home for you! Feel free to contact us using our BTags - Sakura#1195, Megan#1925 or Anzak#1414. Alternatively, you can now also look us up on the new Guild and Community Finder (we are listed under both). We look forward to hearing from you!

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