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[Mal'Ganis][H] <Winter Clan> We are recruiting!

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Thank you for your interest in joining Winter.

Who Am I:
My name is Lily (discord: Lily#0828 and Bnet: HappyFeet#198864) and I am the LT for World of Warcraft Retail for Winter Clan.

Who We Are:
We are a family. A community of like-minded gamers across every platform from PC to TableTop. We transcend barriers and bring people together. With over 4000 people calling Winter home we have a place for almost everyone.

Who We Are Not:
We are not a home for toxicity. For this reason we avoid having any sponsors or dealing with eSports. We encourage friendly competition and each game differs in its approach to fulfilling that competitive itch.

 What We Offer:
Winter has been a home for gamers since the late 90’s when our founders discovered the joy of online gaming. We offer our members a place to call home. We also offer a Discord server to communicate information to our members, and a website for our members to have all the tools they need to get in the game.

About World of Warcraft:
We are looking to grow our community on both the Horde and Alliance side. We are currently on Mal'Ganis on Horde  and Proudmoore on Alliance. We have a variety of different players and at different levels in their WOW journey. We have planned Guild Events, PVP Events, and Mythics. As we grow, we are looking to start end-game PvE progression. If you have any questions, please message me on discord.

More Info:
If you are looking for more information about Winter you can reach out to me Via Discord: Lily#0828.

Winter's Website: www.winterclan.net
Winter’s Discord: https://discord.gg/vhn5skA

Battle.net:  HappyFeet#198862

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