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Dungeon/Raid Finder by QuestShares

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Hello to everyone,

After create a app for Hearthstone called Questshares, wanted to provide to the wow classic community something similar, so create for World of Warcraft Classic a Dungeon/RAID finder helper

What is the goal?

Finally we can have a player base where the good players can be reward and the bad players can actually improve them self. Imagine we could track the community history reputation of all players since 2004. Now it's a reality.

How does the community reputation works?

Each player can only get a vote from each battle tag, so it's hard to gain community reputation.

Why I did this?

When was farming the way up to Rank 14 has Warrior was so hard for me to keep remembering the names of good players to join the premade based on their skill. Daily more than 10 different players joined and I couldn't track the best ones and somehow I lost good friendships because of that! So I decided to create it, not because I'll go do that crazy rank 14, but to help others to achieve it 🙂

What if the community doesn't want?

Well, that their choice, to either use or not the Quest Shares, at least they have that option!

Key features are :

- Unique Player reputation based on Blizzard® BattleTag®

- Create different player profiles

- Find the best players in the community

- Join or Create great groups for best end game experience

- Share your experience and submit feedback

At the moment still on beta stage and in need of users to test and to give feedback ( yeap, just leave a comment ).

Hopefully will add more features ( PvP Premades, Quests )

Where is it? If you interested feel free to Google It Quest Shares  ... should be the first result to show up!

Get them together! 🙂

Official WoW Classic Forum Topic - https://eu.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/dungeon-raid-finder-by-questshares/95449

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