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Classic WoW "Realm Layering"

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I don't have time to see what anyone else has written addressing, "blizziod realm layering" in Classic WoW. But here's my two cents worth. I have two accounts, in one realm, in classic wow. This, "lazy-*filtered* layering" maybe convenient for blizziod but it has been a complete inconvenience for me. I cannot see or, interact with my characters on my other account. It has been costly to move items around, I cannot assist lower level toons, and it was very time consuming and costly to complete my guild charter. I essentially quit retail WoW due to boredom, and the, "freeloader" (lvl 20) freebee crowd which took over level 19 bgs play.

Blizziod, if this is the best you can do for classic wow, then maybe you should quit wasting your loyal customer's (like me) time and shut it down. Stop wasting your paying customers time with your pathetically lazy fixes. If you want to charge customers/players to play Classic WoW then do it! But do it right you cheap b#!$%rds!   

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Does party inviting your other toon help?  That's supposed to put you on the same layer?

Edit: Either way, though, you are correct.  Layering is dumb; just wanted to possibly provide a work-around.  Though, the mere fact that a work-around is needed is always an indication that something is broken.

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