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No Faction Merge Planned for WoW Shadowlands

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Earlier Shadowlands leaks and the Battle for Azeroth War Campaign finale hinted at a possible faction merge, but Game Director Ion Hazzikostas confirmed in a BlizzCon interview that none of that's happening in Shadowlands, despite the huge imbalance in Mythic raiding with Alliance guilds having a hard time filling up the Mythic Hall of Fame.

We will see no cross-communication and grouping between members of the same Covenants in Shadowlands, despite our speculations about a third faction in Patch 9.0. Things are moving from open warfare to uneasy tensions between the Alliance and the Horde and Game Director Ion Hazzikostas said that we should view the Covenants more like Legion Class Order Halls where you saw the opposing faction's players too.

Check out our BlizzCon 2019 Content Hub for the latest BlizzCon-related news!

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Disappointed about it. It was already pretty bad in BfA, and this will only get worse. They should at least allow some form of crossplay. Looks like they don't have any solution so far.

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1 hour ago, Arcling said:

Disappointed about it. It was already pretty bad in BfA, and this will only get worse. They should at least allow some form of crossplay. Looks like they don't have any solution so far.

Yeah, the faction divide's really started becoming a problem on a lot of servers. I hate playing Horde, but all of my friends switched to playing Horde on an all-Horde server. Part of the reason I unsubscribed in early BFA.


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      Boon of the Covenants - restoring [ 600% of Spell Power ] health and increasing your Versatility by 10% for 12 sec.

      Passive: The Covenants have granted you a portion of their power, increasing your damage and healing by 4.0%.
      (Instant cast, 2 min cooldown)
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      The Archaeology quest for Spirit of Eche'ro is now available on live servers for the next 2 weeks! Don't forget to get the mount before it's gone for another 6 months!
      How to Get the Spirit of Eche'ro Mount
      1. Head to Dalaran and talk to the Archaeology Trainer to receive The Right Path quest where you are sent to Thunder Totem in Highmountain to collect Bone Fragment of Eche'ro for the Spirit of Eche'ro mount. Note that the quest is available only once every six months, so don't forget to complete it before it's gone!
      2. Download MapCoords or some other addons that displays coordinates on the world map.
      3. Teleport to Azsuna from the Stormwind/Orgrimmar Portal Room or use your Dalaran Hearthstone to reach Dalaran.
      4. Go to 41,26 find Dariness the Learned and learn Archaeology if you already haven't.
      5. Accept The Right Path quest from the Archaeology Trainer and fly to Thunder Totem in Highmountain.
      6. Talk to Lessah Moonwater to accept Laying to Rest. For the quest, you must collect 600 Bone Fragments of Eche'ro by rotating between four digsites located in Highmountain. The exact location is outlined below.
      Digsite 1: Darkfeather Valley (50, 44) Digsite 2: Dragon's Falls (58, 72) Digsite 3: Path of Huin (44, 72) Digsite 4: Whitewater Wash (39, 65) Spirit of Eche'ro
      "The spirit of Huln Highmountain's pet moose."

      Hurry up! You only have until August 23, 2022 to get the mount!
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      You no longer need to be in a rested area to change talents in Dragonflight. The only requirement is being out of combat.
      Blizzard made some changes to how talents and loadouts work in the latest Alpha update. We went to check it out in-game. Changing your specialization incurs a cast of around 5 seconds, the same as on live servers, but you can now change your spec anywhere in the open world.

      Changing loadouts (pre-saved talent builds) also has a short cast time, most likely to prevent players from switching between builds too fast.

      It's worth noting you cannot switch your spec/loadout during an active RBG or Mythic+ dungeon.
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