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Diablo: Immortal Is Not Done and Why We Haven't Heard from it at BlizzCon

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We have an update from game Director Wyatt Cheng, talking about why we didn't hear anything about Immortal on any of the BlizzCon panels, from the game's reddit. The main reason was to give more focus to Diablo 4 and it's unveiling, but also because the rumors of it being "pretty much ready" were false. The game is still in full production and we'll be getting more information on how far along it is in the coming months - still no news on the release date.

He also talked about the playable demo at the show floor, which featured the newly added Demon Hunter class and the new ultimate system - each class will have 2 separate ults, based on the basic skill they select, and it'll work as you'd expect, filling up as you use other skills. He even addressed last years "rough" BlizzCon announcement, and joked that he got a lot of questions regarding his ownership of a phone.

Blizzard LogoDiablo: Immortal (source)

Hey r/DiabloImmortal!
We’ve wrapped up BlizzCon 2019 and I want to check in here and share more information.

First, if you haven’t already seen we have both an official blog update and development video update:



If you haven’t seen those yet - check them out.

A lot of people have been asking me why we didn’t talk about Immortal on the main stage. Quite simply, we want to make sure we give Diablo 4 the space for a clear announcement. I am personally super happy for all my friends on the D4 team who worked so long towards this day. As a company, we didn’t want to risk any confusion regarding features, storylines, etc between D4 and Immortal.

We had an updated demo for Diablo Immortal playable on the show floor that was played by thousands of people. The demo had a playable Demon Hunter to join the Monk, Barb and Wizard from last year. Hopefully a few people who had a chance to play the game at BlizzCon will be able to share their game experience.

Our dev update mentions ultimates, so how do ultimates work? As you use your basic attack you charge up a meter that sits around the rim of your basic attack button. When the meter is full a new ultimate button becomes available. You can activate that button at any time of your choosing to activate an ultimate mode that transforms your basic attack into a new upgraded version. The exact details of your ultimate state change based on which basic attack you have assigned. Every class has two basic attacks each with a corresponding ultimate. We observed that some players did not notice their ultimate when it became available - something we’ll have to iterate on more.

One of the top questions from the weekend was “When is it coming out? I heard the game was done and I was hoping to install it this weekend!” Regarding rumors, the rumor that the game is basically done was false. We are currently in full production and working hard on the game and we’re looking forward to sharing more information in the coming months. I know the rumors are fueled by excitement for the game and I assure you that when we are ready to talk about the next phase of development there will be clear messaging from Blizzard. Thank you for your patience as we take the time to get the game right.

Another question I heard was, predictably, if I had a phone. Joking aside, last year’s announcement was rough, but it was nice to see people on this subreddit showing genuine support and interest in the game. The whole Diablo Immortal team loves to game on PC, console and mobile. We all want to make an authentic Diablo game for both the core Diablo audience as well as new players, and we are glad to have you on that journey with us.

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    • By Staff
      Diablo Immortal Lead Designer Wyatt Cheng answered some more questions that were submitted that didn't make it to the Diablo franchise Q&A over on reddit and here are some of the more interesting answers:
      New classes are intended to be added after launch. Both existing ones from other games and brand new ones. More than 4 players in instanced content (possible raids). They will try to reduce the hardware requirements, but are still aiming at a AAA experience. There will be WoW-like servers. The Technical Alpha was less than half of the full game, it covered the early and parts of the mid-game. Much more than that has been fully finished, however. Controller support is problematic due to inventory management and similar - there might be controller support at launch (they're looking into it) but not a full version - NPC chat, paragon trees and inventory might still be touch-based. And the full post with all the info:
    • By Staff
      Blizzard have posted a quick summary of what was covered during the "Diablo Immortal: Technical Alpha and Beyond" BlizzConline panel, going over the main points of the video so you can jump in and find the part you're interested in yourselves! 
      Immortal (source)
      In 2018 an all-new mobile massively multiplayer online action–role-playing game for iOS and Android was revealed, Diablo Immortal. Back then and still to this day, we are thrilled to be bringing the world of Sanctuary to players fingertips, giving them access to a deep and authentic Diablo experience wherever they go. Diablo Immortal will be bridging the gap between Diablo II and Diablo III, plunging adventurers against ancient evils, and immersing them in untold stories. Whether you’re new to Diablo or a veteran of the eternal struggle against the demons of Hell, you should expect classically fast-paced, visceral gameplay from Diablo Immortal.
      Today we’d like to take this prime opportunity to explore new details, learnings, and impressions from the Diablo Immortal Technical Alpha. We invite you to join Bluddshed, one of Diablo III’s most prominent creators and host of the Bludd Heart Podcast, as he discusses his experiences and asks questions with Wyatt Cheng (Lead Designer) and Caleb Arseneaux (Lead Game Producer). Topics of this Deep Dive Panel discussion include:
      First Impressions: The panelists favorite classes and impressions on Diablo Immortal. Skill Systems: Explore the developers approach designing skills and how they balanced the new vs. the old with that approach. Variety of Progression: Beyond Greater Rifts, learn more about the variety of activities what Diablo Immortal offers adventurers. Variety of Zone Events: Player vs. Player in Bilefen and other Zone Events explained. Paragon System: Exploring the Paragon System and how it captures the best elements of the past while providing a fresh experience for the future. An in-depth discussion on the design philosophy around Paragon System Trees. Exploring the Past: The Caverns of Time and how that World of Warcraft experience inspired storytelling in Diablo Immortal. Westmarch: The implementation of this capital city and the importance of a immersive player hub. The Social Element: The developers explain why they want partying up with players in Diablo Immortal to be encouraged and rewarded. Observing the Community: Wyatt and Caleb share the main feedback and takeaways they gathered from the Diablo Immortal Technical Alpha. ...and much more! Are you itching to journey to Hell? Pre-register here for a chance to participate in upcoming Diablo Immortal testing milestones!
      Finally, we encourage you to Bookmark this blog, as Executive Producer Rod Fergusson and Lead Designer Wyatt Cheng will be addressing questions from the community later today! Come back tomorrow to see their answers and tune in to Twitch.tv/Blizzard to learn more exciting things coming to Diablo fans!
      While we’re sad to miss seeing Diablo fans in person at BlizzCon this year, we hope the community is as excited as we are for what is to come because we cannot wait to share more! To learn more, keep an eye on the official Diablo Immortal website and follow us on Twitter!
      Thank you so much for your support, and please be safe.
    • By Starym
      Well, if you needed to know more about Diablo Immortal, this is the place for you. Lord Fluffy got his hands on the Alpha and has been playing it for quite a while (60+ hours), putting together this video that goes over... well pretty much everything you'd want to know about the game.
      Ti skip to the end, his final thoughts are that it's definitely worth playing but might be a little too pay to win if you want to compete in the current Challenge Rift endgame activity leaderboards, but as there will be changes to both the microtransaction systems and more additions to the endgame (even possibly including raids) by the time of release, it's nothing to get too worried about yet.
      And here are all the topics covered and links to skip to the ones you want to hear about:
      0:00 Introduction
      1:17 Game Size & Battery Life
      3:39 Leveling
      6:24 Dungeons
      8:04 Difficulties
      9:45 Paragon
      12:15 Itemization
      13:53 Legendaries
      16:49 Skills
      18:35 The Grind
      19:20 Legendary Gems
      20:26 Challenge Rifts
      22:38 Elder Rifts & Crests
      25:12 Upgrading Gems
      30:23 Bounties & Events
      33:08 Bestiary
      34:34 Zones, Events & PVP
      38:54 Upgrade & Reforge
      42:35 Charms
      44:59 Kadala
      45:49 Item Rank
      46:42 Currency & Vendors
      47:52 BattlePass
      49:02 Activities
      49:46 Auction House
      50:36 AMA Answers
      51:34 Pay to Win
      55:17 Final Thoughts
    • By Staff
      With Diablo Immortal Technical Alpha starting soon for Android users in Australia, Blizzard shared some details on the monetization model of the game. It will be free with optional in-app purchases.
      The blog post mentions that purchases should never circumvent Diablo's core gameplay and distract you from your gameplay experience.
      In Diablo Immortal, you will be able to buy Crests that make leveling faster by adding random modifiers that enhance gameplay, making rifts easier or more challenging.
      Using Crests guarantees certain non-gear rewards like Runes and Legendary Gems. Crests also provide rift points, and accumulated rift points can be used to acquire items such as Legendary Gems.
      Next, you will be able to buy Reforge Stones for extra re-rolls on an item property.
      Immortal has a Battle Pass progression system that allows you to earn rewards by completing Seasonal Quests and other activities. 
      The Market connects anonymous buyers and sellers, with no ability to cash out.
      Diablo Immortal has 3 currencies:
      Gold, acquired from enemies, chests, and other lootables. Platinum, earned through daily gameplay or purchased with real money. Eternal Orbs, acquired with real money only. The currency can be used for purchasing Platinum, the Battle Pass, Specialized Reforge Stones, Crests, and cosmetics. (Source)
      Our Approach and Values
      We know one of the outstanding questions about the game is: What is the business model for Diablo Immortal? Getting this right for players is important to our team, and today we want to share how we’re coming at this for Immortal—what it is, the values behind it, and how it works in practice.
      Before we dig in, we’ll be referencing several game systems in this blog, so we highly recommend checking out our gameplay blogs first. Understanding how these systems work is useful to keep in mind as you read on.
      Diablo Immortal will be free-to-play with optional in-app purchases. We plan on supporting Diablo Immortal with a constant cadence of free content, including new gear, features, classes, stories, and areas to explore. We also want to make sure every purchase feels fair and is guided by a clear set of values that place an emphasis on the player experience for all players.
      First and foremost of these values is gameplay first. Core mechanics are designed to be fun first, and purchases should never circumvent Diablo’s core gameplay – killing demons and getting gear! There should also be a pathway to earn most things you can pay for. And critically important is that the only way to acquire gear is by playing the game.
      Second, we want to provide purchase options that feel worthwhile and deepen your engagement and enjoyment of the game, and where possible the enjoyment of other players as well. Purchases should not detract from your gameplay experience.
      Third, purchases should feel like a bonus, and entirely optional to enjoy Immortal. The core Diablo Immortal game experience will always be free, and you should be able to enjoy the game for hours on end whether or not you choose to spend money.
      What You Can Buy: A Few Examples
      A good example of these values at work are Crests used with Elder Rifts. Players can run Elder Rifts to their heart’s content, and Crests can be earned or purchased, providing both personal and social benefits. Using Crests spices up the experience by adding random modifiers that enhance gameplay, making a Rift either easier or more challenging. Using a Crest guarantees certain non-gear rewards such as Runes and Legendary Gems. Crests also provide Rift points when used by at least one member of the party, and all players in the group will be rewarded with Rift points even if they do not use their own Crest. Accumulated Rift points can then be used to acquire items such as Legendary Gems.
      Another example is Reforging. Reforging item properties requires special consumable materials that can be earned through gameplay or purchased. Players can earn Reforge Stones for extra re-rolls on an item property, or purchase Specialized Reforge Stones, which allow you to focus on the item properties you want most.
      Immortal also has a Battle Pass progression system that allows players to earn rewards by completing Seasonal Quests and other in-game activities. The Battle Pass has both free and paid tracks. All players can claim rewards such as Reforge Stones and Crests through the free track, while players with the paid track will have access to exclusive cosmetics and even more rewards.
      The Market
      Before we get into the details, let’s be clear—this is not the Diablo III real-money auction house. Player exchange has been a part of Diablo’s history, and we’ve learned many lessons–both good and bad–along the way. In Diablo Immortal we want players to have the ability to participate in a fair, healthy, player-driven economy that doesn’t circumvent gameplay.
      The Market connects anonymous buyers and sellers, with no ability to cash-out. There are limits to what can and cannot be put on the Market. While it will be a possible source of certain materials, supplementary items, and Legendary Gems, it is not a place to acquire gear. It’s also a way for all players, including those who choose to never make an in-game purchase, to exchange items they find for additional in-game currency, beyond what they’re able to earn through play.
      Currencies in Diablo Immortal
      There are three primary currency types in Diablo Immortal, earnable through gameplay and paid. Below is a brief overview of these currencies, how they’re obtained, and examples of what they are used for.
      Gold drops from enemies, chests, and other lootables in the world of Sanctuary. It cannot be purchased or traded and must be earned through gameplay. Gold can be used for things like upgrading your items and purchasing randomized gear from NPC vendors.
      Platinum can be earned through daily gameplay activities or purchased with real money. Players can also obtain Platinum by selling items via the Market. Platinum is used for activities such as exchanging goods on the Market or crafting Charms.
      Eternal Orbs are acquired with real money only, and can be used for purchasing Platinum, as well as other items such as the Battle Pass, Specialized Reforged Stones, Crests, and cosmetics.
      Through Technical Alpha and Beyond
      Our focus for the Technical Alpha is on gameplay and making sure Immortal is fun. The Technical Alpha will not have any real money transactions, though we may provide some in-game currency to test out these systems. That said, we’ll continue to refine our approach, always leading with our values—putting gameplay first, providing worthwhile options, and designing them as a bonus. Our goal is to ensure that it feels right for Diablo Immortal and its players.
      We’re looking forward to feedback throughout the Technical Alpha, and we can’t wait until we can see all of you in Sanctuary.
    • By Staff
      Select players from Australia who have pre-registered on Google Play Store will get be invited to the Diablo Immortal Technical Alpha soon!
      Placeholder for tweet 1339708451346378752 (Source)
      The Diablo Immortal team has been making great progress and we’re excited to share that we’ll soon be opening the gates of Hell for a limited public Technical Alpha. The primary goal of this Technical Alpha is to test server stability and client performance across a wide variety of devices. It’s also an opportunity for us to take in player feedback regarding our core gameplay, the initial leveling experience, and our other early gameplay systems. This will help us make sure the game feels great when it gets into everybody’s hands.
      Starting today, a limited amount of players from Australia who have pre-registered on the Google Play Store will get a direct invite to access the Diablo Immortal Technical Alpha. The invites will go out to those players who pre-registered earliest, if their device meets the minimum system requirements. We’ll also be inviting some select community members to join us so we can get their invaluable feedback.
      So, what will be included in the Technical Alpha? This is an early look at Diablo Immortal—an exciting new chapter in our action role-playing game series, telling an original story that takes place between the events of Diablo II: Lord of Destruction and Diablo III. It will feature intense, visceral combat; highly replayable dungeons; deep progression and itemization; and a host of never-before-seen monsters. Diablo Immortal also reimagines the dark, gothic realm of Sanctuary as a sprawling massively multiplayer world filled with deadly things hellbent on killing you.
      For those who are unable to get into the Technical Alpha, we’ve put together a treasure trove of information for you regarding all things Diablo Immortal. We have a gameplay overview blog that provides a summary of our core systems, another blog that tackles character and progression, as well as a blog focused entirely on itemization. Diablo Immortal will be free-to-play, a first for the series, so we also wanted to share our approach, which includes Blizzard’s core value of “Gameplay First”.
      While we were sad to miss seeing Diablo fans in person at BlizzCon this year, we look forward to the day when we’ll welcome all of you to join us in Sanctuary. For additional status updates and a place to converse with us on all things Diablo Immortal, be sure to follow @DiaboImmortal on Twitter or like our @DiabloImmortal Facebook page.
      The Diablo Immortal Team FAQ
      Q. How do I take part in the Technical Alpha?
      A. Starting today, a limited amount of Android users who have pre-registered in Australia will be able to download the Diablo Immortal Technical Alpha from the Google Play Store.
      Q. How many players will take part in the Technical Alpha? Why Australia?
      A. We anticipate a couple of thousand players will be able to take part in the Technical Alpha. Mobile game development can often benefit from multiple rounds of public testing. By holding this limited Technical Alpha in a smaller region, we’ll be able to take in valuable server stability and client performance data, as well as critical gameplay feedback, to ensure that Diablo Immortal feels like a great experience before going wider in the future.
      Q. How long will the Technical Alpha last?
      A. We are aiming to keep the Technical Alpha running for just a couple weeks of testing. This will allow us to get just the right amount of gameplay feedback as well as server stability and client performance data.
      Q. What devices does Diablo Immortal support?
      A. We are aiming to bring epic Diablo gameplay to as many devices and players as possible. The Diablo Immortal Technical Alpha will be playable on Apple devices and Android devices and have the following minimum requirements:
      Android Minimum Requirements CPU - Snapdragon 710 / Hisilicon Kirin 810 and higher GPU - Adreno 616 / ARM Mali-G52 and higher RAM - 2GB of RAM and higher Version: Android OS 5.0 (Lollipop) and higher Apple Minimum Requirements iPhone 8 and higher Version: iOS 12 and higher Q. Why only four classes?
      A. Diablo Immortal will launch with six playable classes—the Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk, and Wizard, as well as the Crusader and Necromancer. We also plan to add even more new classes to the game in the future. We are focusing our gameplay testing in the Technical Alpha on the initial four classes as the other two classes are still undergoing iteration.
      Q. What parts of Diablo Immortal are free and what do I need to pay for?
      A. Diablo Immortal is free-to-play—that includes all the story, all the classes, and as much gameplay as you want—we will never limit game time. All future content will be free as well, including additional story, new classes, and new zones. Optional in-game purchases will never stand in the way of progression or enjoying the game—they should only complement the core gameplay. For more information, see our blog.
      Q. Is Diablo Immortal “Pay-to-Win”?
      A. No. Diablo Immortal is a free-to-play game where all gear is earned by players and you can’t pay your way to victory. Optional in-game purchases are cosmetic or serve to complement gameplay. For more details on our free-to-play values, see our blog.
      Q. When will Diablo Immortal be released?
      A. We do not have a release date to share at this time.
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