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Classic honor system

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I was unable to find any good article about the vanilla honor system and how to obtain the pvp gear. My questions are:

1) By getting honorable kills, you get ranks each week. Do you start from 0 each week? Or do you drop like 1 rank or something?

2) What is the currency for the pvp gear? Honor points?

3) If I get the gear, do I need to refresh my rank to keep it?

I would really appreciate a simple explanation of the system.

Thank You

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1) Your Rating will start at 80% of the previous week's rating. So if you end the week with 10k honor, you start the next with 8k and will need to get 2k during that week to not drop in ranking.

2) Gold. 

3) No, you don't need to keep your rank to wear the gear you already unlocked. Not sure about buying though.


Wowhead has a comprehensive guide on the Honor system that is worth checking out.

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