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Seasonal Leveling Guide

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Guest pickle

This needs revision. 2/3 of the levelling methods don't include any mention of what difficulty to complete them on. This is bad.


Also might do well to mention the recommended difficulty for getting kanai's cube.

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Guest Totally Not a Trap

What difficulty should I have my game set to for the leveling methods that aren't the torment 4 traps?

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Guest Exile

If your not going to use the torment trap trick, then you should set the difficulty to whatever allows you to complete Massacre bonus or Rifts in the fastest time possible. I'm not sure what it is for the Massacre bonus, but for Rifts you generally want to keep your runs less than 10 minutes, if possible less than 5 minutes. This is usually the best time for efficiency and leveling speed.

Start with normal and if you can burn through rifts without issue increase to hard. If you can clear hard rifts easily and you have a few pieces of gear with good synergies skip expert and try master. If you run into any issues just decrease the difficulty and try to maintain that good clear speed.

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