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Pet Talent redo

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So, it appears that respec'ing a pet is like 10s for the first couple of tries, then goes to 50s.  never got past that.  Then the next time I logged in, it was back to 10.

So my question is this:  at level 49, as a BM PVE/PVP talent spec, am I better giving the pet max level 8 for Great Stamina (26 for 8 vs 17 for lvl 6) or Natural Armor at 8 (675 armor for level 8 vs 430 armor for level 6) for PVP?   Obviously, frost resistance is a priority.  

Also, for dungeons, it seems that stacking one or two resistances appropriately (like nature and such for Mara) and lightening Great Stam/Natural Armor might have some benefits.  

Thoughts.  I couldn't find any disucssion around this topic

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