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Raid Leader needs help with Frost Mage

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You can read my reply to wombocombos logs here, if you are interested smile.png


oh shit thanks oltier i didn't catch that, appreciate it biggrin.png i need to get my gear (well gems) situation straightened out, i'm going for mixture though. also need to get a habit of using temporal shield...and not get too trigger happy with ice lance lol.  pretty much the motto of this thread there is always something that can be improved on

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Alatariella, I just want to clarify that just like Akraen, my response was meant only to be useful, not insulting or an attack on you. You're right in that we can only see the logs, and some of us (example: me) have limited log analysis experience. I just relayed information that I've found here on Icy-Veins, courtesy of Akraen, Oltier, and the other mages that make up our community.


Don't feel like you need to be absolutely perfect, I sure as hell am not perfect on ANY of the toons I play. Just do your best, have fun, and don't let it get you down :) we've all got areas we could improve on.


I agree with Akraen, it'd be good to discuss this with your raid leader, and figure out exactly what prompted him/her to create this thread. 

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