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[US-Stormrage}{A}<Before The Fall> 13/14H

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We currently have two 10man groups raiding concurrently in the guild, however our long term plan is to combine for 25m/20m after the main group kills heroic garrosh (hopefully in the next week or two).



Current recruitment needs:


Team Prowl <13/14H>: 

Raid Times: 8pm-12pm EST, Sun-Thur

Only considering extremely exceptional DPS.

This team is currently extending their lockout until Heroic Garrosh is dead.


Team Storm <5/14H>:

Raid Times: 7:30-11:30pm EST, Tue-Thur

current needs:

- Disc Priest, Holy Paladin, or Resto shaman /w dps offspec.

- Melee DPS

- Mage

The core of this team mostly came from a 11/14H 25m guild. our first week in 10m was a little rough, but we expect to get back to 10-11H once we work out some issues with our comp.



Once the two groups combine for 25m we will need:


1-2 more healers (Monk, paladin, Shaman)

3-4 more DPS (any class really, the only ones we may be getting kind of full on are hunters, and ele shamans)



Also recruiting Pattymayo because Zagam has broken my heart too many times, but I know Pattymayo won't let me down tongue.png

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