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Path of Exile: Metamorph Launches Today!

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As many of you already know, Icy Veins has a sister site for Path of Exile, PoE Vault. The new league starts today and we thought it was a great opportunity to highlight some of the content our hardworking writers have put together for your enjoyment. If you haven't tried Path of Exile before, this might be the perfect chance for you to do so!

The new Path of Exile League brings with it an enhanced focus on endgame bosses. You can expect tanky and dangerous single targets from both the Metamorph league and the Conquerors of the Atlas expansion, so a good all-around build is important to have, if you want to get off to a good start. We have tons of great guides, including a selection here specifically designed as great league starters, with a few for each class.

For those just getting started in Path of Exile, take a look at our general Beginner's Guide, while anybody can benefit from the new Metamorph league guide, which will be kept updated as we continue the league. And as always, as the new best builds of the league become apparent, we will be keeping our guides up to date, so be sure to follow PoE Vault on social media to keep up with our latest content, as well as all the Path of Exile news as it comes.


The "Ultimate Cyclone Slayer" is a great all-rounder, and with the bow meta likely upon us, much of its best gear will be at its cheapest. The 3.8 nerfs were vastly overstated, and this build has remained an absolute powerhouse, both in terms of speed and raw damage output. If you are looking to relive the glory days of your D2 Whirlwind Barbarian, this is the best way in the game to do it!

If you are looking to ride the bow hype-train this league, the "Tornado Shot Champion" is a great way to do it, with no sacrifices made for survivability. It boasts huge damage, great clearspeed, and plenty of durability for the expected brutal boss fights in the Metamorph League. Its versatile gearing makes it highly customizable, able to suit every playstyle, from Labyrinth farmer to speed mapper, and anything in between.

The "Bleed Earthquake Gladiator" lets you smash your enemies into bloody chunks, with great speed and high damage. Vaal Earthquake allows you to blitz through maps, while the Gladiator's bleed explosions clear up any stragglers that manage to survive your initial attacks. Gladiators have always made great league starters, and this league is no exception.


The "Arc Trap Saboteur" just got a hefty buff, with a boost to its targeting range, bringing this build back into the meta. The last time it was around, it absolutely dominated all content, and it has not lost a bit of damage, so it will make an excellent choice in the coming league. The build made its name taking down hard bosses on a shoestring budget, so if you are looking to experience all the league has to offer, this is among the best builds to do it with.

When it comes to league starters, few are better than the "Essence Drain + Contagion Trickster". It is one of the fastest clearing casters in the game, has great survivability, and offers a perfect blend of reliability and inexpensiveness. It has carried many players to high finishes in a variety of Solo-self-found races, but can still be taken advantage of with the higher powered gear offered by trade leagues.


Taking advantage of one of the biggest buffs this league, the "Burning Arrow Chieftain" delivers fiery death from afar, making it a great choice for the bow lovers out there. Many reworked or long forgotten mechanics have come together to make this both a great league starter, and an amazing end-game scaling build in the new expansion. 

The "Molten Strike Juggernaut" has long been a fan favorite, and with an extra projectile added this league, it looks to be a great option for anyone looking to maximize their sheer tankiness. It is a great build to take on just about all content in the game, whether it is deep delving, endgame bossing, or tanking slams from just about anything you want. 


While many minion builds took a hit this league, the "Summon Raging Spirit Necromancer" remains a powerful all-round build, equally at home taking down Uber Elder and speed farming maps. Gear will be much cheaper than in previous leagues, as people migrate to bows and other new builds, but this build is still a perfect starter for anybody looking to play a summoner.

The "Cold Damage Over Time Occultist" is a powerhouse that excels at chilling and destroying enemies in all content of the game. It also offers an interesting playstyle, with its main damage coming from an instant-cast nova, draining the life from your foes as you run past them, as well as Vaal Cold Snap's ability to kill on the run.


The "Crit Elemental Hit Deadeye" takes advantage of the Deadeye's power in terms of clearspeed, and Elemental Hit's raw damage to crush any content the game has to offer. Since the rework of Elemental Hit, it has retained top tier status, a chaining, zooming, flaming murder machine.

With the buff to Ballistas this league, the "Siege Ballista Raider" is a great choice. This build offers raw damage, spread across tons of totems, and you play as a powerful commander of an army of siege weaponry. It also boasts high single-target damage, keeping up with the boss-killing meta we can expect to see this league.

The "Toxic Rain Pathfinder" has a lot going for it, especially as a starter with the new buffs to Quill Rain. It is a great option to take on the whole game, with extremely high damage, an excellent levelling experience, and a highly enjoyable endgame playstyle. If you are looking for a less traditional bow build, this one is a great option.


The "Spark Inquisitor" is a great option to try out the new ailment changes that have arrived with 3.9, with the build being exceptionally strong in the late-game (while still being a great league starter). It can capably deal with both single-target and clear damage requirements, while still being fairly simple to play. The long distance and CC-capabilities ensure a smooth and safe playstyle that can even comfortably fit into Hardcore leagues.


The "Elemental Hit Ascendant" is an excellent boss damage dealer, something that looks to be a great boon in the new league, as well as having strong survivability and excellent clear speeds. This combination of damage and toughness is a great choice for anyone hoping to head into a Hardcore league.

The "Scourge Arrow Ascendant" may have received a nerf, but it is still a powerful build, and has come to be one of the best known and most played bow builds. If you are looking to balance drawbacks with immense power, and shred your enemies to bits, this build is a unique and fun option, with lots of versatility. 

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38 minutes ago, Xtrm said:

Why is this in the WoW section?

Because it is tagged/listed as general news which ends up on every section automatically.

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