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[US-Area 52][H] Talisman Semi-Hardcore Reroll

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Talisman Semi Hardcore Progression Reroll


This will be a semi hardcore progression reroll guild on Area 52

We are currently seeking dedicated, skilled, and sociable players to fill our ranks. Once we reach our initial recruitment goals we will announced the roll date  around 15-20 active players!


Why will This be successful?


Besides knowing the ins-and-outs of WoW's high-end content, we created an infrastructure necessary for a successful guild to flourish. Highlights:


- Active Server for finding Fill ins or replacements for inactive players.

- A fully implemented EPGP system. Fairly distributing epic boss loot.

- Guild website: http://talguild.enjin.com/

- Officers who will pay attention.

- Most importantly, good leadership and organization. i have lead guilds before and have seen what does and doesn't work. We know what to do, how to do it, when to do it, what decisions NOT to make, and how to lead 25 people without turning into screaming racists. Seriously?! Seriously.

- Leadership that won't take almost 2 months to get to 90! that's just DUMB!

- Raiding will begin once we have 10 people geared enough!


Sounds like you have what could be a good guild, but why the cliche recruiting post?


You're right, usually a sign of a sucky guild is that they post on this board looking for people to join them. Unfortunately, because Theirs So many guilds who are unorganized with crap leadership and drama, theres a lack of Successful Guilds, netbined with the fact that this reroll will be successful.


Wait, what are the requirements?


Short Version:

- Recruiting all Classes

- RAF and Heirlooms are ALLOWED.

- DK's and Pandas will be ALLOWED but for DK's don't just play them to be lazy, its just silly.

- Timeframe to get to 90 if we decide to level instead of using the upcoming patch for 90 boost will be 1 Month without BOAs/RAF - 3 weeks otherwise. if you can't meet that then you don't belong in semi-hardcore guild of any kind (yes i know it sounds mean but no one wants to waste time or energy)

- Understand spoken English.

- Know or be willing to research and learn your class. Spell rotation, gear, enchants/gems, and proper raiding specs are all available for research on the internet. This information is pertinent to developing a competitive guild.


How big is your guild going to be?


25-30 Active Players. Family and Friends are welcome, but will have to apply for raid slots just as everyone else.


I'm worried about keeping such a high attendance. What are your raid times?


Must be able to stay 3 hours per raid, sometimes longer. Our current raiding schedule is  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 8pm-11pm CST Raid invites generally start 15 minutes prior to start time.


We'll also be having a weekend Raid group for 10s

Raid days - Saturday and Sunday 8-11 EST


Somethings that will happen before the reroll starts.


First.  Finding a Server Type and server which will be voted on.

Secondly. Head Counts will be given Daily. once we get above 10 members to make sure we have active players who are serious we will not reroll without at least 25-30 active people its just a waste of time.

Third. i am Looking for a co-gm and 1 officer to make sure crap gets done right i really don't feel like making another toon or even transferring after this.

Forth. if you are going to make a bunch of alts instead of focusing on you're main toon don't even bother applying, just wasting our time and yours.


Yeah, I'm interested in joining. What do I do?


Visit Our Site at http://talguild.enjin.com/ and goto our forums and post an app!


You may also contact me by


or sylarrepairs@gmail.com


With any questions or concerns you may have.


Kind regards,

Sylar , GM of Talisman

Edited by Sylar

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