[US-Mal'Ganis][H] <Semi Respectable> BRF: 8/10M, Resto Shaman

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We are <Semi-Respectable>, a semi-hardcore guild that progresses on a 3 day schedule and never raids outside of its scheduled raid days and hours. We are currently 7/7 Mythic in Highmaul and 8/10 Mythic in Blackrock Foundry.



<Semi-Respectable> was established in February of 2014 with the idea of pooling together talent from multiple Icy-Veins moderators into one guild to make better progress than what each player was seeing in his or her respective guild. With a pre-set leadership hierarchy, progress was quick culminating in a victory over 10 man Heroic Garrosh in early April of 2014. At the launch of Warlords, we began gearing up and working on Highmaul. From December through February, we lost many members from real life time restraints, a loss of desire to play, and performance issues by both the guild and individual members. Leadership clung to loyal members and spent nearly every waking moment recruiting talent in order to establish a solidified roster for 20 man content. Two weeks before BRF came out, we were 2/7M with a strong need for a push to recruit higher calibur players. Through sheer determination, focus, and an unrelenting desire to escape mediocrity, we got 3 new kills in Brackenspore, Tectus, and Butcher in those two weeks proceeding BRF. This allowed us to hold onto a solid group of players and begin filling gaps with higher level recruits. That brings us to current day where we are still filling in gaps of whatever we are missing - which brings us to you!



<Semi-Respectable> raids Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 7p to 11p server time, which is based on Central Time (5p-9p PST/8p-12a EST). We always take a 15-20 minute break half way through each night, so our total accumulated raid time per week is approximately 11 hours. We will NEVER extend raid days or raid hours - we believe in quality attempts, not quantity attempts.



<Semi-Respectable> uses a Loot Council lead by the 4 members of leadership including the Raid Leader, Tank Officer, Melee Officer, and Healing Officer. Loot needs are ALWAYS done based on what is best for the group and progression and is NEVER done based on upping someone's individual gear above others. Loot is done with carefully calculated decisions that have never created any loot drama going back to our guild's creation in February of 2014. Trials are eligible for loot but are not considered over established raiders.



<Semi-Respectable> is currently in the process of filling in roster gaps in order to facilitate a small bench while always having enough players of the right type in order to have a night of progression. We understand that life happens and players will miss scheduled raids. In order to have a more relaxed attendance requirement in allowing members to take nights off with a 24 hour notice, we run a small bench of 2-4 players that swap in and out based on composition and loot needs. We always use the best available composition in our raid for the first kill of each boss while making sure anyone who missed the first kill gets a kill on our first repeat kill of said boss. Currently, we are looking for...


  1. Restoration Shaman
  2. Elemental Shaman
  3. Retribution Paladin


Your ability to be a part of this team demands your ability to be selfless and understanding that your role may not fit into the group's composition for the first kill. No one likes to sit, so sitting is done at minimum.



We believe in pushing content at a pace that is comfortable - one that does not require sacrifices from real life because real life always takes precendence over our time in WoW. Our raids are often filled with laughter, jokes, and jabs. Inside of raids, we become a battle team that works together to find flaws in our group's playstyle and our strategy and works on the fly to fix them. Any downtime is met with gambling and we will see hundreds of thousands of gold exchange hands every night. When it comes to progression kills, players will often do everything they can to find new ways to win. Suggestions are made and applied on every raid boss. We take screenshots of kills, talk about ways we can do a fight better immediately after a first kill, and we poke fun at the people who are dead at the end of a first kill. In November of 2014, 14 of us made the trip to Anaheim and attended Blizzcon together, many of us meeting each other in person for the first time, and rocking out in a party house the entire weekend. We are doing the same for Blizzcon 2015 with an even larger group of guildies. We really have a family style atmosphere were it's not all puppies and candy canes, but we always find a way to work together to do whatever it is that motivates us.



Zagam - Raid Leader - Zagam#1660
Lockyskungfu - Tank Leader - Meaculpas#1996
Ragebar - Melee Officer - ragebarr#1790
Krazyito - Healing Officer - Krazyito#1696

Thank you for your potential interest in <Semi-Respectable>!

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Phase 1 of Garrosh learned after 10 pulls - pulling for 2nd night tonight with hopes of killing him tonight or tomorrow.  X-realm Heroic Raiding is live, so if interested in us, post an app and we'll work you in after we kill Garrosh and you can decide if you'll enjoy raiding with several Icy-Veins contributors/mods and friends!

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Immediate needs for Discipline Priest and Mage DPS for pushing Garrosh.  Progressed to P3 after 120 wipes.

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Bump for 14/14H.  Limited recruitment for WoD - must be EXCEPTIONAL.

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Still heavily looking for a good Disc to make our team whole!

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Bumping because WoD is getting close, and I'm sure 6.0 is even closer. I can't edit Zag's post but I'll bug him about it later.


current recruitment needs are:

- Shadow Priest

- MistWeaver Monk

- Resto/Ele Shaman

- I think 1-2 more range/healer hybrids but that's coming from me not Zag/Locky so don't hold me to it


Currently we have no openings for 10m (unless the stars align in your favor and like 5 people can't make it on the same Tuesday). We are recruiting purely for the switch to 20m, so while you can certainly apply now don't expect to get a garrosh kill with us before 6.0. You will be applying for a trial spot starting on the first night of mythic SoO when 6.0 drops.


Ideal candidates should be extremely proficient in their class and have exceptional raid awareness. but also be fun people to raid with. We aren't the type to yell at you and tell you you're bad . . but don't be bad. We want to have fun but also be a top US guild on a relatively casual schedule for a top guild, so efficiency and performance are key.

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Looking for a cute little boomchicken, sith lightning creator, or fake Warlock to complete 20 man roster.


(That's Balance Druid, Elemental Shaman, Shadow Priest, fyi)

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Recruitment needs updated - urgent need for players listed in RED for Mythic live date of 10/14!

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We're still looking for quality applicants of the selected classes (Balance, Shadow, Elemental, Resto Shaman, Mistweaver).

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1 Resto Shaman or 1 Mistweaver Monk

1 Elemental Shaman

1 Shadow Priest

1 Balance Druid

1 Mage


APPLY TODAY!  14/14H back in April, have killed him every week since.  Come join a very solid group as we go forth into Mythic raiding!

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Hay. Zag is mad at me cause I steal his secrets that he tells everyone and make less gold at it than he does.

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Updated for Week 2 of WoD!  Hoping to push into Mythic tonight.  Looking for a strong Windwalker and Elemental Shaman.

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Still looking for our Elemental Shaman.  7/7H, Mythic Kargath and Twins this week!

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