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[A][US][Kromcrush]<Retrofeels> | WoW Classic | Tues | 7:30 PM-10:30 PM ET

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Greetings Kromcrush Alliance!

The Retro Feels is currently looking for more raiders to fill out our raid team. We have had MC/ONY on farm for over a month now. The priority classes that we are in need of:

Warlocks, Mages, 1 Hunter, 2 Healers, and 1 Warrior

Raid Times are as follow:
• Molten Core - Tuesday 7:30pm EST (we form at 7:15 and head out as a group) Clear Times are roughly 2 hours
• Onyxia is when she resets 7:30pm EST (depending on the day)

A little about the guild. We use loot council for our raids to try to be fair for loot distribution and take a number of considerations when voting for gear. For Example, 1.) Raid Attendance: Showing up to raids ready and prepared on time. (Pots, Resistance gear, Runes, etc.) Everyone has a life outside of WoW (Family First) but letting an officer know you will be late or miss a raid is always helpful! This is posted on our discord the wide range of things we take into consideration. We are always open to suggestions.

Loot Rules are as follows:
• No Discord, No Loot
• Everyone needs to install RC Loot Council Classic, Officers (with the advisement of the Class Leads) will discuss certain loot and who to give it to. Our goal is to properly gear Tanks & Healers with priority. We would like to try to maintain a decent spread of loot for all players. We are trying to keep the health of the team in mind when passing out loot.
• Unneeded items will be sent to the guild bank to be distributed to guild members or sold for guild funds.
• BOE’s will be collected by the Loot Master and distributed at the end of the night.
• Loot you are forced to take will not be held against your loot eligibility Players will need to take part in 4 Raids to earn the Raider Rank.
• The first Thunderfury has already been reserved for our Main Tanks.
• Sulfurion Rag Hammer is going to our one Ret Paladin then we will re-evaluate if anyone else wants.

Some more basic rules:

Rules of Conduct

  1. Respect all other guild members
  2. No Political or Religious talk unless everyone in the channel is ok with it - you will take responsibility for any drama that follows
  3. Music bots must be used in the music room
  4. All members must be part of the discord for updates and information
  5. While Discord is an asset, it is not required outside of raiding

That all being said we welcome anyone both casual and raiders alike. You can contact me here in this post or through Discord via Coldcathode#7351

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