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Warcraft 3: Reforged and StarCraft 2 Join the ESL

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Some Blizzard esports news today, of the RTS variety. Warcraft 3: Reforged (releasing this month) and StarCraft 2 have signed 3-year deals to be featured in the ESL (Electronic Sports League) Pro Tour Series and Dreamhack events, which also host the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive league. For StarCraft 2 the ESL will replace the current, Blizzard-run World Championship Series, including the Grand Finals previously held at BlizzCon, while the deal marks the first esports commitment for Reforged.

The prize pools for the first season will be $1.8 million for SC2 and $200,000 for Reforged and both will culminate in the Grand Finals at the Intel Extreme Masters in Katowice, Poland, where tens of thousands will be watching.


ESL chief product officer Sebastian Weishaar, from the Washington Post:

"We‘ve hosted our annual StarCraft II Intel Extreme Masters Championship in Katowice already for several years, so the main difference is going to be that this championship is now the only true world championship existing for StarCraft II, while previously it was one next to Blizzard‘s world championship series finals at BlizzCon. Merging both into one will make IEM Katowice even bigger and better, and I can‘t wait to see the finals on the big stage in Katowice in front of tens of thousands of people.


With Reforged being released later this month, we believe that a lot of fans and players will return to the legacy of Warcraft III, which we already saw happening during the recent weeks of the beta. We‘ve been working with Blizzard‘s RTS titles for the last 17 years, so for us it’s a very natural next step to deepen our relationship with Blizzard and offer fans and players exciting competitions to watch and compete in with the new ESL Pro Tour."


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This, on paper, seems exciting for WC3: Reforged.

How many old vets will come out of the woods?

How many old players will be inspired to return?

How many new players - younger generations - could this inspire?


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6 hours ago, TyZone said:

This, on paper, seems exciting for WC3: Reforged.

How many old vets will come out of the woods?

How many old players will be inspired to return?

How many new players - younger generations - could this inspire?


Trust me a lot
I'm an admin of the Greek WC3 fan page and there's a lot of people telling us to organise a tournament.
And if this happens in Greece,i guess there will be more players that want to compete in the bigger countries

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13 hours ago, TyZone said:

How many new players - younger generations - could this inspire?

Many veterans will probably return, but as for younger players, I'm not sure. WC3 Reforged had next to zero marketing, other than announcement there was a silence for over a year, all we've got was a release date. It looks like they are aiming this remaster mainly at those who were already familiar with the game, just like with SC (faded into obscurity quickly after release). Besides it's an old gameplay and even recognition might be pretty low, it's rather funny when in HotS case people who only knew other mobas (and had no previous knowledge of RTS games) were comparing characters like Kael'thas as being copied from these mobas, both in abilities and appearance.

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They still not put HOTS back to track.

Just simply put a game at side like that?

I don't know HOTS can last for 1 or 2 years only if this keep going like that.

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